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Standard and custom capability for faceplates and front panels
Verotec offers an enormous choice of standard front panel options for its KM6 subracks and its 19” and Eurocard-based metal enclosures. Factory customisation services and bespoke panel fabrication with multi-colour screen printing, engraving, cut-outs, polyester overlays, viewing windows and custom finishes, plus a wide range of tooled support products such as card mounting brackets, handles, gaskets and sealing strips enable rapid modification to meet specific project requirements.
Versatile Eurotec caseframe
The Eurotec caseframe from Verotec is extremely versatile, with a huge range of configurations available by choosing different combinations of standard parts, with the most popular options defined with a single order code. It is designed for applications that require the housing of Eurocard-based cards or modules in a desktop, 19” rack mount or portable enclosure. Eurotec accepts standard 3U and 6U Eurocards, with standard depths of 240, 360 and 480mm in each option and a choice of backplane or DIN41612 connector rear extrusions.  
Verotec's new three hundred page handbook is now available
Verotec manufactures and supplies, from the original tooling, the Vero Electronics families of metal enclosures, system components, power supplies, backplanes and configured hardware solutions for open system architecture, general purpose and ruggedised electronic applications.
Configurable modular integrated systems
Designed for use in development systems and for production runs, Verotec has introduced a family of 1U, 2U, 3U and 6U configurable integrated systems. Based on combinations of standard products, the easy to use six-step configurator enables the specifier to define the exact system best suited to the application.
Elegant desktop enclosures in 10.5" and 19" widths
Verotec's stylish Verotec instrument case family combines stylish, modern design with high levels of functionality and outstanding technical attributes. Optimised for high end instrumentation applications, but equally applicable for use in diverse sectors such as telecommunications, industrial control equipment and storage for RAID arrays, multimedia systems and file servers, the Verotec family incorporates a wealth of user features and options.
Standard, filtered, intelligent and monitored 19" 1U fan trays
As packaging and power densities increase, effective thermal management has become an increasingly important criteria in the electronics industry to ensure reliable equipment operation and long life. Designed to provide localised cooling of 19" rack mounted or desktop equipment, the range of 19" 1U standard fan trays from Verotec consists of two depths, a 250mm deep unit fitted with three fans and a 350mm deep unit with six fans, fitted with either a 3mm thick silver anodised aluminium or a 3mm black powder coated steel front panel.
The KM6 subrack family is suitable for all applications
Verotec's KM6 subrack family is arguably the most comprehensive and versatile system available. Originally developed by Vero Electronics, it has continually evolved over time to reflect the changing demands of the electronics industry. All four main elements of the KM6 range: KM6-II, -RF, -EC and -HD167 offer an unrivalled combination of strength, versatility and configurability; each range is optimised to suit a specific application or price point. It conforms to DIN41494, IEC297 and IEEE1101.10 and .11.
Extended range of 19" modular general purpose and EMC rack cases
The versatile and attractive range of 1, 2 and 3U 19" general-purpose rack cases from Verotec has been extended with the addition of 4, 5 and 6U heights. Available in depths of 250, 350 and 450mm, the rack cases enable a wide range of electronic, electric and electro-mechanical equipment to be easily mounted in a standard 19" enclosure.
1U cPCI/VME64x 19" low cost chassis
Verotec has announced its new 1U desktop or 19" rack mount powered and thermally managed chassis. Complete with a 250W auto-ranging ATX PSU and six separate cooling fans, the unit is fitted with either a 6U 8HP 2 Slot cPCI or a 6U 8HP 2 Slot VME64x backplane, enabling the same mechanical platform to be used for either of the two most popular bus structures. 
Versatile and stylish desktop enclosure for standard Eurocards
The LBX from Verotec is an elegant solution for users who need to mount standard Eurocard sized PCBs and modules in a desktop enclosure. Fabricated in steel, the LBX is sized to accept 3U and 6U boards in both 160 and 220mm board depths and can accommodate standard front panels in the popular 4, 6, 12 and 24HP widths.
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