Verotec Offer Two Distinct Eurocard Subrack Ranges


In order to meet the diverse mechanical, electrical and environmental requirements that today’s markets and applications demand, Verotec offer two distinct Eurocard subrack ranges.

Recognized as leading products in their field, they are complimented by an extensive range of front panels, modules and accessories ensuring the needs of both board manufacturers and subrack users alike are met.


KM6-II subracks are fully compatible with DIN 41494 and IEC 60297, they are strong, versatile and easy to assemble with many accessories. All tiebars have two screw fixing positions making the construction robust yet accurate and well suited to light and medium duty applications.

KM6-HD subracks, primarily designed for military use, would suit any rugged application where a resistance to shock and vibration is required. In addition to IEC 60297 and IEEE 1101.10/11, they are also designed to meet military standard MIL-STD-167. Features include positive guide retention, heavy duty two screw fixing tiebars and 3mm thick side plates and rack angles.

  • 3U, 4U, 6U, 7U and 9U heights
  • 180mm to 420mm depths
  • 24HP, 42HP, 60HP and 84HP widths
  • Backplane and DIN connector mountings
  • EMC options

Eurotec Caseframes

  • Desktop, 19” rack mounting and portable versions
  • Various height, width and depth configurations
  • EMC shielding & cooling options

Front Panels

  • IEC60297 and IEEE1101.10 compatibility
  • Excellent EMC performance
  • Ident plates on fixed handles
  • Ergonomic and robust handles
  • Coding, pre-location and ESD options
  • Large choice of PCB, handle and fixing accessories
  • Unshielded (flat) and shielded (extruded) types
  • Plain, vertically hinged, horizontally hinged, fixed handle and ejector handle versions
  • 3U, 6U and 9U heights
  • 2HP-84HP widths
  • Anodised and conductively finished options
  • Accessories including handles, gaskets, card mounting brackets, fixings and mounting hardware


  • Standard and enhanced types
  • 2-Rail (3-9HP) and 4-Rail (10-42HP) versions
  • 3U and 6U heights
  • Anodised and conductively finished options
  • Accessories including side screens, top and bottom covers, handles, DIN connector mounting hardware and fixings


Technical details and ordering information for all of our standard products can be found in the relevant product brochures – these can be downloaded in .pdf format or viewed online by clicking on the respective link below. Should you require technical support, would like to request a drawing or 3D model, please contact us.

Product Section Download
Introduction to Subracks Section: 1a Download PDF (2.7 MB)
KM6-II Subracks Section: 1b Download PDF (10.9 MB)
KM6-HD Subracks Section: 1c Download PDF (6.9 MB)
KM6 Front Panels & plug-in Units Section: 2 Download PDF (6.9 MB)
Eurotec Caseframes Section: 3 Download PDF (4.6 MB)