Company History

Our roots can be traced back to Sir Edwin Alliott Verdon Roe, (1877-1958), pioneer English pilot and founder in 1910 of the AVRO Aviation company which went on to product the Lancaster & Vulcan Bombers.

For 50 years the name VERO has been synonymous throughout Europe and beyond with high quality electronics packaging. Verotec continue to provide the quality and service for which VERO was famous for.

Year Event
1961 VERO is established by Geoffrey Verdon Roe in England – the son of Sir Alliott Verdon-Roe founder of the AVRO aviation company and the first Englishman (claimed) to make a powered flight in June 1908. One of the very first VERO products was the “VERO Board”, with which many past students of electronic engineering will still be familiar today, a matrix board for assembling test circuits and test setups.
1964 VERO Electronics GmbH is established in Bremen
1966 VERO launches the first, simple mounting racks on the market – known by the name “KM4”.
1979 BICC in the UK acquires the VERO Group. For BICC, a major English cable-manufacturing group, purchasing the VERO Group meant the acquisition of new technology sectors.
1986 BICC VERO acquires Imhoff Group in England. The “IMRAK” 19inch cabinet business was built up.
1994 MBO, separation from BICC. The VERO Group management acquired the group in an MBO, with backing from investors.
1995 Flotation of the VERO Group as a plc on the London Stock Exchange.
1998 The American Group APW acquires the VERO Group. There was a shift towards focusing on the telecommunications sector.
2007 APW goes into administration and ceases trading – all assets and IP are sold.
2007 Verotec is formed and acquires the IPR to many of the “VERO” products from APW’s administrators
2009 Verotec opens US facility in New Hampshire
2020 Verotec relaunches by completing a new £1M sheet metal fabrication & machining production line and gains ISO 9001:2015 accreditation from BSI