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Standard, enhanced, modified and custom subrack plug-in units
Verotec has extended its range of standard 2- and 4-rail plug-in modules for its KM6-II, KM6-RF, KM6-EC and KM6-HD subrack families and has introduced a new fast response design and manufacture service for fully custom plug-in units to complement its long-established modification services. All modules are fully compatible with IEC 60297-3 compliant subracks from any manufacturer. Standard 2- and 4-rail plug-in units are produced in two versions, standard and enhanced, in 3U and 6U heights with a wide range of sizes and depths. 
Verotec doubles production space as export-driven growth surges
Verotec, the successor company to Vero Electronics and APW, has moved, only four years after it was set up in 2007, to a new facility with more than twice the space of its existing unit. Located on the same Chandlers Ford industrial estate as the previous one, the new factory gives the company increased space for standard product stockholding, additional R & D, pro- duction and assembly space and im- proved customer meeting facilities.
IEEE1101.10/11 injector/ejector
 Verotec has revamped its range of IEEE1101.10/11 compli- ant subrack front panels with an improved design of injec- tor/ejector latching handle that generates greater insertion and extraction force, a superior stainless steel EMC fingered gasket that improves contact with the adjacent panel and a ROSH-compliant iridite finish that gives enhanced conductiv- ity and corrosion resistance.
Factory Unit for Verotec
We’re delighted to announce that from July 1st, Verotec will be trading from a new facility with more than wice the space of our existing unit.
EMC screened 19 rack cases
The latest addition to Verotec’s family of 19 inch rack cases is the Veroshield 19” EMC screened version, which combines the ability to easily mount a wide range of electronic, electric and electro-mechanical equipment in a standard 19” enclosure with good EMC performance. The Veroshield is particularly useful in larger 19” rack-mounted systems where only some elements of the overall equipment require elevated levels of EMC capability; they are also an effective way of providing screening in desktop systems without having to modify a standard enclosure.
Diplomat 19" desktop and caseframe enclosures
The field-proven Diplomat family from Verotec is an elegantly styled enclosure, available as a 19” or 10.5” wide thermally managed, EMC capable unit suitable for housing stand-alone systems, as a 19” caseframe for direct mounting of boards and modules and as a vertical tower unit. Manufactured as standard in 3U, 4U, 6U and 9U heights and depths of 322, 422, 522 and 622mm, the Diplomat is particularly suitable for medical technology application, the research environment and as the housing for a wide variety of desktop instruments.
Heavy duty 19 subrack for high shock and vibration applications
Designed for use in rail, military, aerospace and other harsh environments where electronic equipment will be subject to shock and vibration during use, the ruggedised KM6-HD subrack system from Verotec is designed to meet MIL-STD 167, the US Department of Defence Test Method Standard
2U cPCI and VME64x rack mount or desktop integrated chassis
Verotec has introduced a 2U EMC screened, thermally managed and powered IEEE 1101.10/11 desktop or rack mount 19” chassis unit that can be supplied with either a horizontally mounted 6U 4 Slot cPCI or a 6U 4 Slot VME64x backplane
VeroPower 19 subrack pluggable power supplies
Verotec, the successor company to Vero Electronics and APW, now offer the EPLAX VeroPower family of 3U and 6U 19” subrack pluggable power supplies to add further capability to its KM6 subrack and metal enclosure families. EPLAX, which manufactures in Bremen, Germany, is another direct descendent company from Vero Electronics, which developed the original plug-in modular PSU in 1976.

Open architecture backplanes, extenders and custom designs
Verotec offers a wide range of standard backplanes and extender cards for VPX, VME, VME64, VXI and VXS applications, available as either stand-alone components, or integrated into thermally managed systems with subracks, enclosures and power supplies from its range. In addition to supporting VMEbus and its later derivatives, backplanes conforming to the requirements of cPCI, PCI, ATCA and microTCA are also produced, as are units for legacy applications such as STEbus and Multibus. Modified standard or fully custom backplanes are also available to meet specific customer requirements. 
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