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Custom 19" fan tray for demanding military application

Verotec, the specialist thermal management and electronic enclosure manufacturer, has supplied a major US-based defence contractor with custom design intelligent fan trays for a major defence project.

Custom Veroshield rack case helps the BBC improve audio codec
BBC Research and Development is at the forefront of the global broadcast industry’s mission to improve the programmes’ quality of both video and audio. Their recent research into further improvements in the performance of the widely-used NICAM Codec has been supported by customised EMC –screened 3U 19-inch rack cases from Verotec.
Verotec custom enclosures keep the London Underground running
The London Underground, part of Transport for London, carried 1.26 billion passengers in the last year, making it one of the busiest networks in the world.

Verotec helps improve aviation safety and wind farm efficiency
Verotec, the specialist supplier of metal enclosures and subracks to the electronics industry, has worked closely in a design and manufacturing partnership with a UK-based world class Motion Systems Integrator.
Verotecís major investment in CAM extends modification capabilit
Verotec, the leading European metal enclosure and subrack manufacturer for the electronics industry, has invested in excess of £120k to create an automated aluminium CAM machining centre in its Southampton, UK production facility.
New slimline 650W cPCI pluggable PSU
Verotec has extended its range of pluggable power supplies optimised for use in CompactPCI systems with the introduction of a quad output 650W unit. To meet the PICMG 2.11 Power Interface high power requirements on the 3.3 and 5V rails, the compact slimline 6U 8HP 160mm unit features two independent converters operating in parallel enabling the PSU simultaneously to provide 80A at 5V and 70A at 3.3V. The +12V output is rated at 7A, the -12V one at 1.5A. Input voltage is an autoranging 90-264VAC, 47 to 63Hz.
Verotec invests heavily in IMRAK 1400, the most versatile floor
Verotec has invested in machinery and tooling to increase the customer service for the
IMRAK family of 19-inch floor-standing enclosures, one of the most versatile and configurable rack ranges on the market. IMRAK’s reputation is the result of its strength, wide range of sizes, versatility, ease of use and the quality and fit of the product. Cable space behind the mounted equipment is as large as possible, giving many options for distributing power around the rack and individual cabinets in a bayed suite can be grounded together or isolated.
Custom cPCI backplane capability takes off
The CompactPCI platform forms a good base for customisation. Verotec recently completed

delivery of a custom 6U, 2x4 Slot CompactPCI backplane for a

flight simulation application.In addition to integrating twoindependent 4 Slot  systems on a single backplane, a number of additional I/O headers and other interfaces were incorporated using a mixture of surface mount and pressfit components. A combination of IEC 297 form factor, enabling standard 19” subracks and enclosures to be used, the 110 pin connectors, good bandwidth and the many different functions available on plug-in boards from multiple vendors make CompactPCI a robust bus architecture.

Verotec publishes its 300+ page 2014 handbook
Verotec's handbook is an invaluable reference source for its extensive range of electronic enclosures, system components, power supplies, backplanes and configured hardware solutions for open system architecture, general purpose and ruggedised electronic applications.
Cost effective VERAK floor-standing enclosure gives high EMC att
VERAK is a very strong floor-standing enclosure, rated at 750kg static load capacity and giving more than 80dB attenuation at 100MHz and 40dB at 1GHz, the highest levels available in a standard product from any manufacturer. Available in heights from 27 to 42U, and widths and depths of 600 and 800mm, it addresses the communications, industrial networking and electronics sectors, providing both IP65 environmental protection and EMC screening.
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