Eurotec Caseframe

Product Feature – Eurotec Caseframes

The Eurotec Caseframe is a stylish metal enclosure, available in a desktop, portable or 19” rack-mount form factor. Although suitable for many electronics applications, it’s compatibility with Verotec’s KM6 subrack range, (particularly the fitting of PCB guides), makes it especially suited to Eurocard style boards, front panels and modules.

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Verotec Case

Product Feature – Verotec Case

Press Release – October 2021 The Verotec case offer an excellent combination of technical competence and aesthetic design, making it an ideal packaging solution for high-end electronic instruments. EMC and IP compatibility ensure environmental requirements of many applications are met, whilst no visible fixings mean your product is both secure and visually clean. There are…

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Verotec KM6 Subrack

Product Feature – KM6 Subracks, Front Panels & Modules

If you’re looking for a modular, pluggable, 19” rack-based enclosure to securely house and protect your electronics, then our industry compliant KM6 range has everything you need. Comprising front panels, plug-in modules, subracks and a host of accessories, many applications can be catered for, especially in rail, defence, broadcast & instrumentation. Technically competent, the product…

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