VXS Backplanes

VXS stands for VMEbus Switched Serial Standard. The standard is VITA 41. VXS has the same form factor as standard VME boards, but uses a different type of P0 connector and a different electrical interface. The VXS specification defines 2 types of boards: Payload cards and Switch cards. Payload cards are standard VME64x boards with a new PO connector for serial links. Switch cards are not backward compatible with the legacy VMEbus standard via P1 and P2 connectors. VXS Backplanes may operate in a number of configurations; Star, Dual-Star, Mesh, or Daisy-Chain. VXS supports InfiniBand bus, Serial RapidIO, Gigabit Ethernet, and PCI Express Bus.

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Ordering Information

Due to the countless possible VXS configurations, we design and manufacture your backplane product to order. We do however have two hybrid VME64x and VXS standard product designs available.

Bus Structure
8 Slot Hybrid Version 21 Slot Hybrid Version
Dual VITA 41 Switches (7-8) Dual VITA 41 Switches (1 & 21)
4 x VXS Payload slots (3-6) 18 x VXS Payload slots (3-20)
2 x VME64x slots (1+2) 1 x VME64x slot (2)

Termination Passive, on-board, 330/470ohm
Impedance 50 Ohms (VME), 100 Ohms (Differential,
Decoupling High frequency decoupling at each slot,
distributed Low frequency bulk
Control System header for SYSRESET, SYSFAIL,
Power Distribution 35A Screw terminals for +5v, +3.3v &
GND 15A Spade terminals for +/-12v, V1/V2

Temperature range (storage) -40deg.C to +125deg.C
Temperature range (working) -20deg.C to +75deg.C
Flammability Rating UL94-V0
Compliance ANSI/VITA 41.0, 1.1-1997
Regulatory Designed to meet UL, CSA, CE requirements