V4 – 4U Rackmount – 21 Slot System

For applications based around the popular 3U format board, the V4 system from Verotec offers a highly flexible solution in a condensed package. The chassis is based around the KM6-RF subrack in the industry standard 19” rackmount format. This allows the full 21 slots of 4HP spacing, and is ideally suited to CPCI designs where a combination of boards and power supplies can easily be implemented. Cooling is provided over the full width, the power supplies are pluggable, mating with a chassis mounted power interface board. This means that the user can move the boards and power supplies around to provide, say, two complete 6 or 8 slot systems, each with its own power supply, within one chassis with a choice whether the power supplies are at the ends or in the middle. Dual PSU’s for power sharing/redundancy also becomes simple to implement – or even a combination of multiple 4 slot systems, there are a huge range of choices, including the ability to include a caddy mounted Hard Disk Drive. The KM6-RF subrack offers front panel coding to ensure correct board positioning – important with such a flexible system. In addition ESD protection and pre-location features are present, along with inject/eject functionality and PCB grounding – all designed to protect the daughter boards.

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Thermal Management

Special attention was paid to thermal design, with the need to ensure cooling for all possible combinations – so low-profile fans were specified, to allow for a plenum space both above and below the fans, housed in the 1U cavity beneath the cardcage. This allows the fans to draw from below, through a vented pattern, and provide cooling to every position across the 21 slots. The airflow is vertical, exiting through a corresponding vent pattern in the top cover – it is therefore possible to place two such systems in a rack directly on top of each other. The fans are DC powered, derived from the autoranging power supply.

Power Supply

Power supply choice allows for either 200W or 300W modules, which may be supplied either from AC or DC sources. These PSU’s may be independent for each backplane or used together or in combinations to provide power sharing or hot-swap/redundant operation for high availability systems. The supplies also have been chosen for having two separate converters – rated current can be drawn from the +5V and 3V3 outputs simultaneously.


Chassis design adopts best practice for EMC – the card cage is conductive (an Iridite finish), fully compliant with IEEE 1101.10 it offers a first-mate ESD pin capability and PCB grounding in the cardguide. Boards with corresponding front panels then provide an EMC seal along their edges, ensuring a complete ‘cage’. Vent patterns have kept the overall aperture area large to maintain airflow, but with small geometries to ensure a lower frequency cut-off. With AC supplies, a filtered IEC (also switched and fused) at the rear minimises conducted noise.


Verotec offer a wide range of backplanes – the V4 is ideal for CPCI applications or VME J1 backplanes. The standard CPCI offerings are three widths of backplane, covering 4, 6, or 8 slots. These are available either as the 32bit backplane with rear I/O pins, or for the fully bussed 64bit – please contact your sales office if you have a special requirement.


Width : 482.60mm / 19”
Depth : 309.1mm / 12.2”
Height : 176.95 mm / 6.96” (4U)

Material & Finish
Chassis : Aluminium alloy (Iridite NCP)
KM6-II Subrack : Aluminium alloy (Iridite NCP)
Front & rear infill : Aluminium alloy (Anodised)

Operating Temperature 00C to +500C
Storage Temperature -200C to +800C

Power Supply (Typical)

Input/Output Pluggable 200W (Each) Pluggable 300W (Each)
AC Input 90 – 264 V @ 50-60 Hz 90 – 264 V @ 50-60 Hz
Output 18-36V DC 18-36V DC
+5V @ 25A +5V @ 30A
+3.3V @ 36A +3.3V @ 40A
+12V @ 5A +12V @ 5A
-12V @ 0.5A -12V @ 1A

Ordering Information

Order Code : 141-321 _ _ _ _ 4th Digit 5th Digit 6th Digit 7th Digit
Power – Input
AC Operation 1
DC Operation (24V) 2
Power – Output
Single 200W pluggable 2
Double 200W pluggable 3
Single 300W pluggable 4
Double 300W pluggable 5
3U CompactPCI (PICMG 2.0 R.3)32bit with I/O 3
3U CompactPCI (PICMG 2.0 R.3)64 bit 4
Number of Slots
4 Slot 1
6 Slot 3
8 Slot 4

Customizing Options

With a wide range of options available, it would be impossible to list every combination. Should your application require a different specification such as backplane, cooling or power supply variants, please contact us to discuss.

Hard Disk Drive Caddy 2.5"

Description Order Code
Hard Disk Drive Caddy 2.5" – 4HP 950-4002633

Blanking Panels

Blanking Panels must be ordered separately for this system, none are provided as standard.

Description: Shielded 3U Front Panel Order Code
4HP 951-4004079
6HP 921-4004081
8HP 951-4004082