H36 – 3U Compact PCI / VME64x Chassis

The H36 chassis is designed as a 3U x 19” x 300mm deep rackmount or desktop enclosure offering 6 x horizontal 4HP slots along with provision for a full width rear transition area making it ideal for either CPCI or VME64x applications. Fully compliant with the IEEE 1101.10/11 specification, the flexibility of this design means it can be configured with a wide range of power supply
options. These range from a single 250W embedded power supply or up to 3 x pluggable PICMG 2.11 compliant 300W AC/DC or DC/DC power supplies with hot-swap capability, making this an ideal platform for high availability systems. Alternatively, part of the PSU bay may be configured for multiple HDD (Hard Disk Drive) positions. Optimised cooling is provided by two large DC fans in a fixed or removable tray providing airflow flow through vented side panels.

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Thermal Management

Airflow through the unit flows from left to right when viewed from the front, and is provided by two 120mm long life ball-bearing low-noise DC fans contained in a fixed or removable cassette module installed on the left hand side, adjacent to the subrack. The fan cassette can be fitted with optional filter material. Positioning of the fans ensures cooling is directed to the daughter boards and to the RTM area as well as the PSU. When fitted with an embedded ATX style power supply, the PSU built-in fan is exhausted to the rear of the chassis.

Power Supply

The system can be configured with an extensive range of PSU options, including both AC and DC inputs; a single 250W embedded ATX style PSU or space for up to three AC or DC 3U x 8HP PICMG 2.11 compatible power supplies in either 200 or 300W configurations. These power factor corrected supplies can be configured as load-sharing or redundant operation for use in high availability applications. The modules are pluggable type, featuring two separate converters; this allows the supply to provide 5V and 3.3V at their maximum rating simultaneously.


Good EMC shielding is provided by adopting proven design practices. These include conductive fabric-over-foam gaskets on fixed seals and Beryllium Copper gaskets on the card cage apertures. The airflow vent patterns are 3.5mm round holes on a 5mm triangular pitch. A rear mounted filtered IEC power inlet (switched & fused) is designed to control conducted noise to EN55022 level B when used with modular power supplies.


The chassis is available with a range of backplane options, covering both CPCI and VME64x architectures. The CPCI options include a 6U, 6 slot, 64
bit, PICMG2.0 R3.0 compliant backplane with a right-hand system slot (top of system), with rear plug-up connectors in P3,P4 & P5 and selectable coded I/O voltage (default = 5V). Options include CT/H.110 (Computer Telephony) version, or PICMG 2.16 (packet switching) backplanes. The VME64x version is a 6 slot ANSI/VITA 1.1 – 1997 compliant backplane fitted with active on-board termination, electronic ABG (auto bus grant) and centre P0/J0 connectors fitted.


Width : 440mm / 17.33” desktop or 482.6mm / 19” with rackmount ears
Depth : 296mm / 11.65”
Height : 3U / 132.50mm / 5.22”

7.0 Kg / 15.4 lbs (Typical, chassis + backplane + single PSU)

Material & Finish
Outer : Steel (Powder coated in black – textured finish)
EMC Gasket : Beryllium / Copper
Subrack : Aluminium alloy (Iridite NCP)

Operating Temperature : -50C to +550C (PSU de-rating above)
Storage Temperature : -100C to +700C

Power Supply

Input/Output Embedded Pluggable 200W (Each) Pluggable 300W (Each)
AC Input 110 to 240V @ 50-60 Hz 90 – 264 V @ 50-60 Hz 90 – 264 V @ 50-60 Hz
DC Input 36-72V DC 36-72V DC 36-72V DC
Output +5V@ 17A +5V @ 25A +5V @ 30A
+3.3V@ 14A +3.3V @ 36A +3.3V @ 40A
+12V@ 3A +12V @ 5A +12V @ 5A
-12V@ 0.8A -12V @ 0.5A -12V @ 1A

Ordering Information

Order Code : 141-26 _ _ _ _ 3 3rd Digit 4th Digit 5th Digit 6th Digit
Fixed 2
Removable (Hot swap) 3
Removable (Hot swap) + filtered 4
Power – Input
AC Operation 1
DC Operation (48V) 2
Power – Output
Single 250W embedded 1
Single 200W pluggable 2
Double 200W pluggable 3
Single 300W pluggable 4
Double 300W pluggable 5
VME64x Extensions (With P0) 2
Standard CompactPCI (PICMG 2.0 R.3) 5
CPCI + Computer Telephony H110 (PICMG 2.5) 6
CPCI + Packet Switching (PICMG 2.16) 7


Description Order Code
3U Fan cassette 12V 447-4003627
3U Filter material 447-4003629
Hard Disk Drive Caddy 2.5” – 4HP 950-4002633
DC – 200W Power Supply 925-4004122
AC – 200W Power Supply 925-4004121
DC – 300W Power Supply 925-4004125
AC – 300W Power Supply 925-4004124

Customizing Options

With a wide range of options available, it would be impossible to list every combination. Should your application require a different specification such as backplane, cooling or power supply variants, please contact us to discuss