D21 – Desktop 21 Slot System

Offered as a 9U, full width desktop system, the D21 system accepts up to 21 vertically mounted 6U x 160mm CPCI or VME64x slots and with an 80mm deep rear transition area as standard. The chassis is not only ideal for use in the development environment, but is also suitable for demonstration or target systems. The core of the system is based on Verotec’s IEEE1101.10/11 compliant KM6-RF subrack, housed in the versatile and stylish DIPLOMAT caseframe, resulting in a system that is compact but still provides easy access. The subrack is recessed within the enclosure to optimise cable management off the board fronts. Based around Verotec standard solutions, the chassis may be easily adapted for specific applications with a choice of backplanes and with various power options available. Cooling is provided by a removable fan tray housed behind a 2U vented front panel which also features the status indicators and switches as well as an ESD point.

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Thermal Management

Effective cooling is provided by a combination of three 120mm fans arranged in a slide-fit removable fan tray mounted directly below the cardframe, drawing air through a filter in the vented panel at the bottom front of the chassis, up through the cards and exhausted to the top-rear.. All fans are DC powered from the autoranging power supplies and an even distribution of cooling is achieved by the provision of plenum space above and below the subrack.

Power Supply

The user has a wide choice of supplies; where the full backplane width capability is required, there is a choice of embedded power supplies; available as either 700 or 1000W output units mounted in the base of the unit. If the rack is not required to house the full 21 slots capability of boards, front mounted CPCI type pluggable supplies may be considered. Two of these 6U supplies, rated at 500W each, can be used in a power sharing hot-swap mode for high availability applications.


Proven practices have been adopted in the design of the chassis. The cards are housed in Verotec’s IEEE 1101.10 compliant KM6-RF conductive subrack, and chassis vent patterns have been designed to allow maximum airflow while still maintaining shielding effectiveness. Power is introduced though a filtered IEC inlet (also switched and fused) to minimise conducted noise. An earth bonding point is provided on the front panel for a wrist strap connection to ensure ESD protection when inserting or extracting boards.


Verotec has a comprehensive range of backplanes available, covering a wide range of slot sizes and bus architectures. The chassis shown is fitted with a 10 slot VME64x backplane; however other widths of VME64x or CPCI backplanes may be selected. Verotec offer a comprehensive range of architectures covering VME, VME64x, CompactPCI, PXI, VXS, VXI and VPX – please contact your sales office if you have a special requirement.


Width : 530mm / 20.87”
Depth : 552mm / 20.55”
Height : 445.28mm / 17.53”

Material & Finish
Diplomat chassis : Steel (Textured electrostatic epoxy finish)Top, bottom, rear & side infill covers – Light Grey BS 4800 00A01
All other parts : Mid Grey BS4800 00A05
Chassis : Aluminium alloy (Iridite NCP)
KM6-II Subrack : Aluminium alloy (Iridite NCP)
Front infill : Aluminium alloy (Anodised)

Operating Temperature : 00C to +500C
Storage Temperature : -200C to +800C

Power Supply (Typical)

Input/Output Pluggable 500W (Each) Embedded 700W Embedded 1000Q
AC Input 90 – 264 V @ 47-63 Hz 90 – 264 V @ 47-63 Hz 90 – 264 V @ 50-60 Hz
Output +5V @ 65A +5V @ 60A +5V @ 120A
+3.3V @ 80A +3.3V @ 60A +3.3V @ 60A
+12V @ 12A +12V @ 10A +12V @ 10A
-12V @ 1.5A -12V @ 8A -12V @ 8A

Ordering Information

Order Code : 141-4411 _ _ _ 5th Digit 6th Digit 7th Digit
Power – Output
Single 500W pluggable 6
Double 500W pluggable 7
Single 700W embedded 8
Single 1000W embedded 9
VME64x Extensions (With P0) 2
Standard CompactPCI (PICMG 2.0 R.3) 5
CPCI + Computer Telephony H110 (PICMG 2.5) 6
CPCI + Packet Switching (PICMG 2.16) 7
Number of Slots
8 Slot 4
10 Slot 5
14 Slot 7
17 Slot 8
21 Slot 9

Customizing Options

The scalable design enables options based on other 3U and 6U backplanes across all bus structures such as VMEbus, VME64x and cPCI very easily. Where the system is to be deployed away from users, a system monitor can be supplied to allow remote monitoring and control. With a wide range of options available, it would be impossible to list every combination. Should your application require a different specification such as backplane, cooling or power supply variants, please contact us to discuss.


A range of accessories are available including air baffle cards, disk drive mounting adaptors, filler panels and more – please contact sales office for further information

Extender Boards

Available with or without the centre P0 connectors, these 6U x 330mm multilayer extenders are for use in VME64x applications and are designed to bring cards out of a system for fault diagnostic or development work. Jumper links are provided on all signal lines for interrogation and an additional connector is fitted for connection to a logic analyser or termination module. Available separately is a metal frame to support the card and provide extraction functionality by two levers. CompactPCI versions are also available. Please consult the factory for ordering information.