Intelligent Fan Trays

The Intelligent Fan Tray features a design which uses proven control solution for each group of 3 fans within a tray. On 6 fan versions this allows for separate monitoring for each group for both control and alarm functions allowing for redundancy if required with a further option of Dual Power Input on some styles. Function of each group of 3 fans is regulated by programmed controller that operates the fans at half speed up to 35ºC and increases the speed linearly to full speed at 55ºC. Thermal control is via a pluggable thermistor sensor for each group of 3 fans. These are available in various lengths to suit its positioning within the rack, or integrated onto a bracket that fits directly to the rear of the fan tray.

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Ordering Information

Description Power Input Order Code (Silver Front) Order Code (Black Front) Thermal Sensors Required
3 Fan Single Auto-Ranging AC 28-4000193 28-4000610 1
3 Fan Single -48 DC 28-4000390 28-4000611 1
3 Fan Dual -48V DC 28-4000391 28-4000612 1
6 Fan Single Auto-Ranging AC 28-4000392 28-4000613 2
6 Fan Duel Auto-Ranging AC 28-4000393 28-4000614 2
6 Fan Single -48 DC 28-4000394 28-4000615 2
6 Fan Dual -48V DC 28-4000395 28-4000616 2

Thermal Sensors For Intelligent Fan Trays

Description & Length Order Code
Thermistor Assembly -0.5Metre 919-4000232
Thermistor Assembly -1.0Metre 919-4000233
Thermistor Assembly -1.5Metre 919-4000234
Thermistor Assembly -2.0Metre 919-4000235
Thermistor Assembly -2.5Metre 919-4000236
Thermistor Assembly -3.0Metre 919-4000237
Thermistor Bracket Assembly (3-Fan) 28-4002877
Thermistor Bracket Assembly (6-Fan) 28-4002878

Dummy Sensor For Monitored Fan Tray

Description Order Code
Dummy Sensor 919-4000396

Replacement Fan DC For Intelligent/Monitored Fan Tray

Voltage (V) Freq (Hz) Air Flow in Free Air (M3/hr) Power (W) Used On Order Code
48V DC 170 4 Intelligent Fan Trays 28-4000389