Empty Fan Trays

These fan trays are offered without fans fitted to allow different types / configurations of fans to be fitted. These are offered as AC versions comprising the tray & front panel with IEC inlet & Neon fitted and as DC versions with the Molex Mini fit Jr. and 10mA LED fitted. The fan trays are supplied with a rack fixing kit containing screws washers and cage nuts & and assembly leaflet. Standard fan trays are designed to accept 119 x 119mm fans with a maximum height of 38mm whilst filtered fan trays are designed to accept fans of 119 x 119 with a maximum height of 32mm.

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Ordering Information

Description Voltage Order Code (Silver Front) Order Code (Black Front)
3 Fan Standard 115V AC 28-4000378 28-4000817
230V AC 28-239249 28-4000819
DC 28-138212 28-4000825
6 Fan Standard 115V AC 28-4000379 28-4000818
230V AC 28-239250 28-4000820
DC 28-138213 28-400826
3 Fan Filtered 115V AC 28-4000380 28-4000821
230V AC 28-239251 28-4000823
DC 28-138214 28-400827
6 Fan Filtered 115V AC 28-4000381 28-4000822
230V AC 28-239252 28-4000824
DC 28-138215 28-4000828

Fan Inter-Connecting Cable (Daisy Chain) For AC Fans Only

Description Order Code
3 Fan Daisy Chain Cable 28-555230

Replacement Filters

Description Order Code
Filter Element for 250 Deep Tray 28-238257
Filter Element for 350 Deep Tray 28-238258