Eurotec Caseframes

The Eurotec Caseframe is designed for applications that require the mounting / housing of Eurocard-style electronics (cards or modules) in either a 19” rackmount, desktop or portable formfactor. A step up from a standard subrack, its design requires no external housing, and offers optional EMC protection along with the integration of cooling fans and power supplies in a self contained, attractive unit. Top and bottom covers are easily removed for system building and servicing requirements.

Caseframe Styles
The Eurotec Caseframe is available in either a desktop, 19” rackmount or portable style to suit a number of different application environments.

Desktop – with front trims giving a neat appearance and with fold down feet fitted at the front and complimentary non-slip feet at the rear. Included is a kit of 4 x 10mm round adhesive rubber bumper stops that can be used as an alternative to the feet. These should be positioned in the depressions in the bottom cover.

Rack Mount – with mounting angles at the front to provide fixings within a 19” rack system to IEC 297.

Portable – with a stylish, locking, swing handle for carrying and providing a front support (limited to 30Kg load in any position).

Eurotec Caseframes are available in 2 card connection styles.

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Caseframe Sizes

The Eurotec Caseframe is available in 3 depths of 240, 360 & 480mm internally. Standard eurocard heights of 3U & 6U are catered for, each with 3 variations available, providing a range of 6 heights.

3U & 6U Caseframes are true height enclosures with close fitting unventilated top & bottom covers.

3U/4U & 6U/7U Caseframes are fitted with ½U high covers ventilated on one edge which can be mounted front or rear (standard frames will be assemble bottom – front vented & top – rear vented)

3U/5U & 6U/8U Caseframes are fitted with ½U high ventilated top cover and a 1½U high bottom fan tray cover closed at the front with a ventilated cover plate. The ½U high covers are reversible. Standard caseframes will be assembled bottom – front vented & top – rear vented. The units with ½U and 1½U covers are EMC upgradeable without theaddition of subrack EMC covers but to a lesser degree of shielding due to the vent slot sizes.

Backplane Mounting

With extruded rails top & bottom to mount a backplane (motherboard). The 6U high has the facility to mount a centre tie bar. Tapped strips are fitted front x 2, backplane x
1 and rear x 1 at top & bottom positions.

Height Depth Desktop 19" Rack Mount Portable
3U 240 738-4000630 738-4000670 738-4000710
360 738-4000631 738-4000671 738-4000711
480 738-4000632 738-4000672 738-4000712
3U/4U 240 738-4000633 738-4000673 738-4000713
360 738-4000634 738-4000674 738-4000714
480 738-4000635 738-4000675 738-4000715
3U/5U 240 738-4000636 738-4000676 738-4000716
360 738-4000637 738-4000677 738-4000717
480 738-4000638 738-4000678 738-4000718
6U 240 738-4000639 738-4000679 738-4000719
360 738-4000640 738-4000680 738-4000720
480 738-4000641 738-4000681 738-4000721
6U/7U 240 738-4000642 738-4000682 738-4000722
360 738-4000643 738-4000683 738-4000723
480 738-4000644 738-4000684 738-4000724
6U/8U 240 738-4000645 738-4000685 738-4000725
360 738-4000646 738-4000686 738-4000726
480 738-4000647 738-4000687 738-4000727

DIN 41612 Connector Mounting

With extruded rails top & bottom (& centre on 6U) for direct mounting of connectors in the DIN 41612 series. Tapped strips are fitted front x 2, and rear x 1 at top & bottom position.

Height Depth Desktop 19" Rack Mount Portable
3U 240 738-4000648 738-4000688 738-4000728
360 738-4000649 738-4000689 738-4000729
480 738-4000650 738-4000690 738-4000730
3U/4U 240 738-4000651 738-4000691 738-4000731
360 738-4000652 738-4000692 738-4000732
480 738-4000653 738-4000693 738-4000733
3U/5U 240 738-4000654 738-4000694 738-4000734
360 738-4000655 738-4000695 738-4000735
480 738-4000656 738-4000696 738-4000736
6U 240 738-4000657 738-4000697 738-4000737
360 738-4000658 738-4000698 738-4000738
480 738-4000659 738-4000699 738-4000739
6U/7U 240 738-4000660 738-4000700 738-4000740
360 738-4000661 738-4000701 738-4000741
480 738-4000662 738-4000702 738-4000742
6U/8U 240 738-4000663 738-4000703 738-4000743
360 738-4000664 738-4000704 738-4000744
480 738-4000665 738-4000705 738-4000745


Drop In Fan Tray
The bottom cover of the 3U/5U & 6U/8U versions, which is 1½U high, will accept a drop-in fan tray, which draws air through the ventilated front, fitted with an inlet filter retained by the outer front cover. The tray has three positions for 120mm fans and is available for 160mm & 220mm card depths. Unused fan positions can be filled with blanking plates. Contents of kit: 1 fan tray, filter, terminal block and fixings. Order fans and wiring separately.

Description Size Order Code
Drop-in Fan Tray & Accessories 160 Deep 738-4000774
220 Deep 738-4000775

Tilt Foot Facility
The Eurotec Casframes have a modified bottom panel which enables the user to fit these feet without any need to drill the panel. It is thus possible to provide a tilt facility at low cost. The feet are fitted by means of self-tapping screws, but it should be noted that if used with a rack mounting Caseframe they will intrude into the ’U’ below. Supplied as a set of four feet, with fixings. (Note: Tilt feet are fitted as standard on the desktop version) Material: UL94-V0 rated ABS Colour: grey

Description Size Order Code
Tilt Foot Kit – Grey All 50-54602

1.5U Blind Front Cover
The 3U/5U and 6U/8U Eurotec Caseframes are fitted with a filter element and vented front panel as standard in the bottom 1.5U of the unit. Should this air-intake not be required, the vented panel may be replaced with a blind front cover.

Description Size Order Code
1.5U Blind Panel 3U/5U & 6U/8U 738-4000776

Rubber Feet
The bottom cover of the Eurotec Caseframe contains 4 x depressions where a 10mm rubber adhesive bumper stop can be positioned, should the tilt feet not be required. Supplied as a set of 4. (Note: Supplied as standard on the desktop version)

Description Size Order Code
Rubber Feet (Pack of 4) All 50-4001069

Highlight Strips
Self-adhesive, coloured strips are available to provide coloured highlights along the side of the Eurotec Caseframe. They are available in blue or grey and are supplied singly in 1 metre lengths.

Description Colour Order Code
Highlight Strips (1m Length) Grey 738-4001750
Highlight Strips (1m Length) Blue 738-4001751

EMC Screening
Beryllium copper, self-adhesive, RFI finger strips can be fitted to all units and should be placed at the front and rear interfaces to improve EMC performance. They are supplied in single lengths of 381mm and consist of 60 fingers.

Description Size Order Code
BeCu RFI Finger Strip (381mm) All 930-238243