Veroshield Rackcase

Available in 1U, 2U & 3U heights the Veroshield case is designed for applications that demand a high level of EMC screening, protection against ingress of dust / water and a cosmetic appeal without compromising on strength and usability. The enclosure is constructed from 0.9 mm galvanised steel to maintain electrical conductivity throughout the unit; an additional 19” aluminium front panel, external to the screened enclosure, is provided to improve the appearance when the unit is mounted in a rack or desktop case. The Veroshield case has been designed to meet the requirements of IP54, offering protection against dust and splashing water. This is achieved due to its solid construction, use of return flanges at each edge and number of screw tight fixings. Removable top and bottom covers facilitate easy access to the internal components; they are secured with multiple fixings around their periphery to ensure that slot lengths are kept to a minimum to preserve the high levels of attenuation. The flat panel construction enables the units to be easily machined to suit the requirements of the application.

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Ordering Information

Description Order Code
1U x 19" x 265mm 503-4002203
2U x 19" x 365mm 503-4002204
3U x 19" x 365mm 503-4002205


Chassis Tray
To facilitate the mounting of electro/mechanical components in to the rackcase, a chassis tray may be used. Available in three depths, the tray is formed front and back to prevent bowing and is supported either side by a chassis runner that’s secured to the side of the case using screw fixings supplied. The chassis tray is conductive and non-perforated and sits 15mm above the base of the case to give adequate space for fixings.

Size Order Code
19" x 250mm 503-4002616
19" x 350mm 503-4002617
19" x 450mm 503-4002618