Eurocard Rackcases

The Eurocard rack case allows any size of standard Eurocard PCB to be mounted horizontally in 1U or 2U of 19” rack-space. Ideal for applications where only a small number of PCBs are required (perhaps only 1), and where 19” rack-space is at a premium, this enclosure provides a cost effective packaging solution to the alternative option of vertically mounting cards in a subrack, where up to 9U could be required. The base and cover are punched with a universal hole pattern that allows tiebars to be positioned in various places, allowing numerous
configurations of different sized Eurocards to be installed, for example 1 x 3Ux160mm PCB & 1 x 6Ux220mm PCB or a single 9Ux160mm PCB. A 3U or 6U area may also be left unpopulated to make way for other equipment (PCBs,fans, PSUs etc.) and in such cases, the front apertures can be blanked off with filler panels.
Both IEC and IEEE front tiebars can be fitted to cater for tradition eurocards but also modern types for CompactPCI, VME64x, VPX etc., where the front panels incorporate injector / extractor handles. The cover is easily removed to provide internal access and thus facilitate the testing and interrogation of PCBs. The units feature an EMC compatible vent pattern on either side to aid airflow allowing cards to be cooled, whilst the rear panel includes a removable gland plate that can easily be machined for connector cut-outs.

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Eurocard Rackcase Bases & Gland Plates

The base encompasses the vented sides and rear panel but does not include the rear gland plate which must be ordered separately. The rear panel aperture is 150mm x 25mm

Description Order Code
1U x 19" x 270mm Base 503-4004798
1U x 19" x 370mm Base 503-4004800
2U x 19" x 270mm Base 503-4004799
2U x 19" x 370mm Base 503-4004801
Rear Gland Plate (Inc Fixings) 503-4004802

Eurocard Rackcase Top Covers

Description Order Code
270mm Top Cover & Fixings 503-4004803
370mm Top Cover & Fixings 503-4004804

Eurocard Rackcases 19" Front Panels, Gaskets & Handles

The extruded front panels incorporate standard 19” fixing holes and include a single 9U x 6HP (on 1U) or 9U x 12HP (on 2U) cut-out for PCB access. A single 9U slide-on EMC gasket may also be fitted to the bottom edge of the cut-out to interface with card fronts where a high degree of shielding is required. A pair of 5mm chrome bar handles should be fitted to the 19” panels to aid handling of the rackcase.
Front panel material is extruded aluminium, Iridite NCP
Gasket material is stainless steel
Bar handle material is mild steel, polished chrome finish

Description Order Code
1U x 19" Front Panel & Fixings 503-4004805
2U Front Panel & Fixings 503-4004806
9U Double-Swipe EMC Gasket 665-319157
1U Front Panel Bar Handle Kit & Fixings 503-4004807
2U Front Panel Bar Handle Kit & Fixings 503-4004808

Eurocard Rackcase Tiebars, Tapped Strips, Spacers & DIN Adaptors

Tiebars are ordered singly as required. IEEE types include the punched lip for use with injector / extractor handles found with VME64x, CPCI etc. A tapped strip is required in each tiebar and optional DIN connector mounting adaptors should be used for securing DIN 41612 connectors directly to rear tiebars. Centre rear supports are formed metal and therefore do not require tapped strips. 1mm insulated spacers should also be used to maintain correct geometry between backplane and rear tiebar. These are supplied in 84HP lengths and should be cut down to the desired length.
Tiebar & DIN adaptor material is extruded aluminium, iridite NCP finish
Tapped strip material is mild steel, zinc & clear passivate finish
Insulated spacer material is PVC UL94V0
Centre rear support material is galvanized steel

Description Unit Order Code
1U (6HP) IEC Front Tiebar 1 503-4004809
1U (6HP) IEEE Front Tiebar 1 503-4004810
1U (6HP) Rear Tiebar 1 503-4004811
2U (12HP) IEC Front Tiebar 1 503-4004812
2U (12HP) IEEE Front Tiebar 1 503-4004813
2U (12HP) Rear Tiebar 1 503-4004814
1U (6HP) Centre Rear Support 1 503-4004836
2U (12HP) Centre Rear Support 1 503-4004837
1U (6HP) Tapped Strip 1 503-4004815
2U (12HP) Tapped Strip 1 503-4004816
1mm Insulating Spacer (84HP Length) 1 950-10014
6HP DIN Connector Adaptor Kit Pair 950-249491
Tiebar Fixings (M3 Taptite Screws) Pack 100 503-4004817
Backplane / Connector Fixings (M2.5 x 6) Pack 100 173-12530

Eurocard Rackcase Guides & Clips

Available in 160mm or 220mm lengths, these IEEE 1101.10 compliant card guides accommodate both 1.6mm and 2.4mm PCBs and simply clip into place, although screw fixings for added strength are available. A green version with a 0.5HP offset guide position is available for use with PICMG 2.11 compliant (CompactPCI) power supplies. Accessories include PCB grounding clips and front panel ESD clips – both fit into a cavity in the guide and are useful in static sensitive applications.
Guide material is glass filled poly carbonate
Earth clip material is stainless steel

Description Unit Order Code
160mm PCB Guide Pack 10 900-4003910
220mm PCB Guide Pack 10 900-4003909
160mm PCB Guide (Green with 0.5HP Offset from CompactPCI Power Supplies) Pack 10 900-4003913
PCB Guide Fixing Scre (Optional) Pack 100 900-4003919
PCB Grounding Clip Pack 10 900-4003920
Front Panel ESD Clip Pack 10 900-4003921

Eurocard Rackcase Blanking Panels

For vacant slots or where cards do not have their own front panels, blanking panels may be fitted to close the front aperture. Plain (flat plate) versions are anodised and fitted with plastic bushes. Shielded types are extruded and conductively finished with metal bushes. They are fitted with an EMC gasket and interface with the rackcase front panel as well as adjacent front panels to form a sealed unit.
Plain panel material is anodised aluminium
Shielded panel material is extruded aluminium, irridite NCP finished

Description Unit Order Code
3U x 2HP Plain Blanking Panel Kit 1 957-236038
6U x 2HP Plain Blanking Panel Kit 1 957-236048
3U x 2HP Shielded Blanking Panel Kit 1 951-4004051
6U x 2HP Shielded Blanking Panel Kit 1 951-4004050
3U x 6HP Plain Blanking Panel Kit 1 957-236044
6U x 6HP Plain Blanking Panel Kit 1 957-236052
3U x 6HP Shielded Blanking Panel Kit 1 951-4004081
6U x 6HP Shielded Blanking Panel Kit 1 951-4004087