IMRAK 1400

Since its introduction in the early 1990’s, the award-winning IMRAK® 1400 enclosure range has enjoyed considerable succession the international networking and broadcasting markets. The widespread acceptance of IMRAK® 1400 among installers and end-users across the world lies in the inherent qualities of the enclosure platform, from its superior build quality to a vast array of accessories. IMRAK® 1400 is a particularly versatile 19” enclosure system that can be configured to adapt to very stringent and varied applications in the evolving electronic data communications industrial. IMRAK® 1400 is also exceptionally rugged and strong, allowing its users to ship fully equipped enclosures overseas. The cabinet’s frame structure is bolted together, allowing the enclosure to be disassembled in situations where access is difficult. IMRAK® 1400 boasts attractive styling, finished in pale and dusty grey (RAL 7035/7037), making it equally suitable for office, equipment or communications rooms. Optional cover trims maintain the cabinet’s elegant appearance when the front door is not required. Thermal management solutions, (including intelligent fan trays), and numerous locking options give almost limitless applications, on the market IMRAK® 1400 probably the most versatile enclosure available.

Standards: IEC 297-2 / DIN 41494 Part 7 / DIN 41494 Part 1 – Mounting Dimensions / EN 60 950 / VDE 0100

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Open Frames

The IMRAK Open Frame is available in the standard heights of 12U, 17U, 22U, 27U, 32U, 37U, 42U and 47U. The open frame is supplied assembled.
The IMRAK open frame can be used as the starting point to configure a unique IMRAK configuration and as a result is used with the entire IMRAK range of components and accessories.

Height x Width x Depth Net Weight (Kg) Order Code
12U x 600 x 600 13.5 804-550001
12U x 600 x 800 16 804-550002
17U x 600 x 600 15.5 804-550021
17U x 600 x 800 18 804-550022
22U x 600 x 600 17.5 804-550041
22U x 600 x 800 20 804-550042
27U x 600 x 600 19.5 804-550061
27U x 600 x 800 22 804-550062
27U x 800 x 600 22 804-550245
27U x 800 x 800 25.3 804-550246
32U x 600 x 600 21.5 804-550081
32U x 600 x 800 24 804-550082
32U x 800 x 600 24 804-550265
32U x 800 x 800 27.3 804-550266
37U x 600 x 600 23.5 804-550101
37U x 600 x 800 26 804-550102
37U x 800 x 600 26 804-550285
37U x 800 x 800 29.3 804-550286
42U x 600 x 600 25.5 804-550121
42U x 600 x 800 28 804-550122
42U x 800 x 600 28 804-550305
42U x 800 x 800 31.3 804-550306
47U x 600 x 600 27.5 804-550141
47U x 600 x 800 30 804-550142
47U x 800 x 600 30 804-550325
47U x 800 x 800 33.3 804-550326

Side Panels & Side Panel Locks

Strong, lightweight side panels are easily fitted into position using smooth action slam latches. A centre grommet may be removed and replaced with a lock if required.
For lockable side panels, simply order a kit of two locks. Standard versions use the same key as the standard lock.

Height x Width x Depth Net Weight (Kg) Order Code
12U x 600 7.2 802-560283
12U x 800 9.6 802-560284
17U x 600 10 802-560303
17U x 800 13.3 802-560304
22U x 600 12.8 802-560323
22U x 800 17 802-560324
27U x 600 15.5 802-560343
27U x 800 20.7 802-560344
32U x 600 18.3 802-560363
32U x 800 24.4 802-560364
37U x 600 21.1 802-560383
37U x 800 28.1 802-560384
42U x 600 23.9 802-560403
42U x 800 31.8 802-560404
47U x 600 26.6 802-560423
47U x 800 35.5 802-560424
Side Panel Lock – Standard Version (Single Lock) 802-560004

Baying Kits & Baying Trims

The baying kit is designed for joining two IMRAKs side by side.

Description Order Code
Baying Kit 802-560943

A vertical trim kit is used to create a smooth, neat appearance when two racks are bayed together. Fit is by means of attaching to one rack and allowing the other leg to “float”.

Height Order Code
27U 802-560820
32U 802-560825
37U 802-560830
42U 802-560835
47U 802-560840

A horizontal trim kit is used to complement the vertical trim kit and prevent foreign bodies falling down the slot between the two racks.

Depth Order Code
600 802-561047
800 802-561048

Doors, Locks & Infill Panels

Doors suitable for the front or rear of IMRAK cabinets are available in metal and glass. Shortened doors can also be fitted to provide space above or below for fan units, grills, infill panels or cable entries. Doors incorporate a key-lock mechanism which can be replaced with swing or electronic locking handles.
Door Kits contain; 1 x door, hinge brackets, hinge pins, door stops and lock catch.

Hight x Width Glass Order Code Steel Order Code
12U x 600 802-2213111 802-563389
12U x 800 802-2213121 802-563397
17U x 600 802-2213112 802-563390
17U x 800 802-2213122 802-563398
22U x 600 802-2213113 802-563391
22U x 800 802-2213123 802-563399
27U x 600 802-2213114 802-563392
27U x 800 802-2213124 802-563400
32U x 600 802-2213115 802-563393
32U x 800 802-2213125 802-563401
37U x 600 802-2213116 802-563394
37U x 800 802-2213126 802-563402
42U x 600 802-2213117 802-563395
42U x 800 802-2213127 802-563403
47U x 600 802-2213118 802-563396
47U x 800 802-2213128 802-563404

Perforated doors may be fitted to the front or rear of an IMRAK cabinet and have an open area of 63%, making them idea for secure applications where front to rear cooling is required. Shortened doors as well as split (wardrobe style) and glass vented doors are also available by special order

Height x Width Order Code
42U x 600 802-343113
42U x 800 802-343117
47U x 600 802-343114
47U x 800 802-343118

Imrak doors may have a swing handle fitted in place of the factory supplied cam / lock mechanism. Locks must be ordered separately and are available in two versions; Self Locking (where the door automatically locks when closed) or Manual Locking (where a key must be turned to lock the door).

Description Order Code
Swing Handle / Lock 802-563494
Self-Locking Lock 802-563532
Manual-Locking Lock 802-563610

These infill panels have a nominal size of 5U. For example, a panel plus 37U door would fit a 42U enclosure. They may be fitted above and/or below a glass or steel door. Typical uses are to allow mechanical handling of cables i.e. to accept connectors/ cable glands

Height x Width Order Code
5U x 600 Unvented 802-561042
5U x 800 Unvented 802-561043
5U x 600 Vented 802-561044
5U x 800 Vented 802-561045
5U x 600 With Brush Cable Entry 802-563581
5U x 800 With Brush Cable Entry 802-563582

Front Cover Trims & Coach Lines

For applications where no doors are required, a set of aluminium trims may be fitted. Cover trims are supplied in pairs painted in RAL 7037 and with an inset green plastic “coach line”. As an option, red or blue coach lines may be specified at extra cost.

Height Order Code
12U 802-560600
17U 802-560605
22U 802-560610
27U 802-560615
32U 802-560620
37U 802-560625
42U 802-560630
47U 802-560635

Top Covers & Lifting Eyes

Available in Side Vented or Fully Vented options

Side Vented : High top, side vented – allows air flow through side slots

Height x Depth Order Code
600 x 600 Side Vented 802-560655
600 x 800 Side Vented 802-560656
800 x 600 Side Vented 802-560659
800 x 800 Side Vented 802-560660

Fully Vented : High top, fully vented – allows air flow through a matrix of square top holes as well as side slots. Recommended when fan trays are to be used.

Height x Depth Order Code
600 x 600 Fully Vented 802-560647
600 x 800 Fully Vented 802-560648
800 x 600 Fully Vented 802-560651
800 x 800 Fully Vented 802-560652

Lifting Eyes
Lifting eyes may be fitted to the top of an IMRAK when a cover is not fitted

Description Order Code
Lifting Eye Kit 802-560000

Panel Mount Angles, Panel Mount Supports & Cable Reducing Channels

Panel mount Angles are supplied in pairs to provide 19” mounting positions with hole patterns to accept captive nuts on universal centres. Incorporated into the design of the mounts are notches in the centre of each U height which makes the positioning of the cage nuts much easier. The panel mounting may be attached directly to the corner vertical, in which case front to rear adjustment is 60mm per panel mount. Alternatively the panel mount may be fitted onto panel mount angle supports giving infinite adjustment throughout the depth of the rack.

Height Order Code
6U 802-343042
12U 802-343043
14U 802-343892
19U 802-343895
17U 802-343044
22U 802-343045
27U 802-343046
32U 802-343047
37U 802-343048
42U 802-343049
47U 802-343050

Panel Mount Supports fit between vertical members to allow adjustment of the panel mounts at any position along IMRAK’s framework.

Depth Order Code
600 802-560545
800 802-560546

Cable reducing channels are suitable for 800mm wide racks only. These units are supplied in pairs and may be attached directly to the corner vertical, or fitted onto panel mount angle supports. Reducing cable channels have been designed to support panel mounting angles. The appropriate size and type of panel mounting angles also need to be ordered.

Height Order Code
6U 802-563565
12U 802-563566
17U 802-563567
22U 802-563568
27U 802-563569
32U 802-563570
37U 802-563571
42U 802-563572
47U 802-563573


Two types of castor are available. All castor loads are stated under average conditions, fitted to the rack bolt on mounting plates. Available in braked and unbraked versions.

Description Order Code
Heay Duty Castor 802-560003
Heavy Duty Braked/Unbraked Castor Kit 802-561556
Light/Medium Duty Castor 802-561557
Light/Medium Duty Braked/Unbraked Castor Kit 802-56002

Light/Medium Duty : 65Kg per castor in average conditions
Heavy Duty : 115Kg per castor in average conditions

Adjustable Feet, Plinths & Bolt Down Plates

Adjustable Feet
These allow you to align your rack on uneven surfaces. Adjustable feet are screwed directly into the corner blocks, using 10mm threads. An adaptor is required when feet are to be fitted as well as heavy duty castors. Adjustment is between 25mm and 40mm.

Description Order Code
Adjustable Feet 802-560001
Adjustable Foot Adaptors 802-560944

100mm Plinths
Plinth kits are available in two heights; 100mm or 200mm. Plinth kits consist of four identical corner sections and four infill sections which allow easy modification for cable entry. Adjustable feet, which will align IMRAK on uneven surfaces, can be fitted to a plinth when the use of ‘adjustable foot adaptors’. Plinths may be stacked to provide additional height.

Width x Depth Order Code
600 x 600 802-592667
600 x 800 802-592668
800 x 600 802-592669
800 x 800 802-592670

Bolting Down Plate
This kit of 4 rectangular plates allows the base frame to be bolted down, using 12 mm bolts (not supplied).

Description Order Code
Bolt Down Plates 802-562415

Bottom Gland Plates & Cable Entry

Gland plates are used to seal off the cable opening in the base of the rack. Half gland plates allow a cable entry kit to be fitted in the centre position. The cable entry kit consists of two brushes through which cables may be pushed.

Bottom Gland Plates – Full Width

Width x Depth Order Code
600 x 600 802-560946
600 x 800 802-560947
800 x 600 802-560950
800 x 800 802-560951

Bottom Gland Plates – Half Width

Width x Depth Order Code
600 x 600 802-560954
600 x 800 802-560955
800 x 600 802-560958
800 x 800 802-560959

Cable Entry – Half Gland Plate

Description Order Code
600 Wide 802-561007
800 Wide 802-561008

Fan Trays

Top mounted fan trays are available to aid the cooling of your rack housed equipment. These may be retro-fitted to the IMRAK 1400, and occupy none of the useable U height. Fan trays are supplied with four or six fans Top fan trays have blanking plates fitted in all unused positions. Connection to all fans is by means of a CEE 22 mains inlet, which must be ordered separately. Select appropriate mains lead from lower table.

Width Depth Number of Fans Order Code – Low Noise (230V AC) Order Code – Standard (115V AC)
600 x 600 4 802-563089 802-4001714
600 x 800 4 802-563090 802-4001715
800 x 600 4 802-563093 802-4001716
800 x 800 4 802-563094 802-4001717
Replcement Fans 1 548-240522 28-4000382
Fan Tray Mains Lead Order Code
2M 13A UK Plug 802-561559
2M European Plug 802-562463

Chassis Supports, Trays & Shelves

Chassis Supports
These steel supports may be varied along the depth of the rack and offer an ideal method of supporting heavy equipment. When used in conjunction with 19” equipment they position cardframes accurately in line with U heights. An extra 15mm width is available when chassis supports are fitted directly to panel mounting angle supports as maximum chassis width is then 465mm. Nominal load rating is 50kg. Chassis supports are sold in pairs.

Length (Min Cabinet Depth) Order Code
470mm (600) 802-561010
670mm (800) 802-561011

Chassis Trays
These steel trays come in four depths so that the correct depth for your installation may be selected without interfering with cabling or power distribution at the rear. With this style of tray a pair of chassis supports is also required.

Width x Depth Order Code
19" (600) x 456mm 802-561015
19" (600) x 556mm 802-561016

Heavy Duty Shelves
For applications where heavy loads are required, this shelf offers a load capacity of over 100 Kg. Slotted holes offer limited air passage and also provide simple fixing positions.
Note: Must be fitted to two pairs of Chassis Supports.

Width x Depth Order Code
600mm x 472mm (600) 802-552914
600mm x 672mm (800) 802-552915

19″ Cantilever Shelves
Cantilever shelves fix directly onto the standard 19” panel mounts. The shelves occupy 2U of panel mount height. Cantilever shelves have a nominal load rating of 20kg, mounted in the middle of the shelf.

Width x Depth Order Code
19" x 255mm 802-562284
19" x 400mm 802-562285

Sliding Shelves – 19″ Fixing
This shelf will fit into the IMRAK® enclosure that has 19” panel mounts fitted in the front and rear of the enclosure, independent of whether the enclosure is 600 mm or 800 mm wide. The supporting surface of the shelf is in-line with the bottom of the‘U’ above it, therefore the shelf can be used to support both 19” mounted equipment as well as non 19” mounted equipment. Must be used with 19″ Panel Mount Angles fitted front and rear.

Width x Depth Order Code
19" x 425mm 802-3635759
19" x 625mm 802-3635760

Cable Management

Plastic Cable Trunking
A plastic trough measuring 80mm wide by 40mm deep externally with a snap-on cover. Supplied in 2m lengths and easily cut for other sizes

Steel Cable Trays
Three alternative lengths, all 152mm wide by 12,7mm deep and multipunched for accepting cable ties etc

Cable Management Panels
1Ux19” brushed cable entry panel with / without support bar and cable hoop panels

Single & Double Cable Hoops
Single cable hoops can be fixed to the inside face of the vertical corner members. Single sized hoops are available for racks with side panels. Double sized hoops can be fitted to the inside faces of the vertical corner members when the racks are bayed together. The hoops may also be fitted on cross members at the rear of the rack or from panel mount supports on the side of the rack.

Description Order Code
Plastic Trunking x 2m Long (45U) 643-10000
Steel Cable Trays x 1481 (33U) 802-560876
Steel Cable Trays x 1703 (38U) 802-560881
Steel Cable Trays x 1925 (43U) 802-560886
1U Brushed Canle Entry With Real Cable Tray 802-563107
1U Brushed Cable Entry Panel Wit Front Cable Support Bar 960-4000503
Cable Management Panel 1U 802-563522
Single Cable Hoops (Pack of 10) 802-563612
Double Cable Hoops (Pack of 10) 802-563613

Earthing Kits

Earth Kits
Two styles of earth continuity are available. Each contains ten leads to earth all panels and doors, and leaving extra leads to earth parts of the electronic equipment.
Type 1 has ring terminals at both ends to mount directly onto the earth studs on the panels. Type 2 has a ring terminal on one end and a spade (faston) at the other. Adaptor rings are provided for bolting on to the earth studs to allow quick removal and assembly.

Description Order Code
Earth Continuity Kit – Type 1 802-560005
Earth Continuity Kit – Type 2 802-561563

Earthing Bars
These earthing busbars offer the option of bonded earth or isolated conditions. Earth conditions by using insulated spacer strips. They have male spade fixing positions at 1/2U intervals and can be mounted on any flat surface. Mounting holes allow assembly without further drilling on the inside faces of IMRAK® as illustrated. Made from nickel plated copper, the earth bars have a rating of 40 Amps and can be cut to specific lengths. Main earth is provided by M6 studs at both ends.

Description Order Code
For 13U Cabinets 802-552929
For 27U Cabinets 802-552930
For 39U Cabinets 802-552931

Busbar Systems
This is a common copper ,earth/neutral busbar which is normally fitted to the rear vertical of the rack. It has a rating of 140 Amps and supported by polyamide insulating blocks which will accept 4 mm, 5/32”, or 6BA fixing screws. There are three sizes of terminals for conductor dimensions from 1,5 mm to 35 mm.
Note: The busbar is simply fitted to the blocks using ‘snap-on’ clips.

Description Order Code
Busbar Kit – Complete 802-556088

Power Distribution Panels

Power distribution panels are available in two versions; 19” rack mounting (where they are fitted to the front or rear 19” panel mounts) or vertically mounting (where they are fitted to the rear cable trays / members.) All power distribution panels are 1U in height and manufactured from extruded aluminium with a black paint finish. On switched versions, the switches are illuminated and include a plastic cover to prevent accidental operation. Surge protected units include an earth stud on the rear. Fixing screws should be ordered separately.

19″ Rack Mounting Power Distribution Panels

Description Order Code
Output = 6 x 13A UK (BS1363) sockets Input = 13A UK (BS1363) plug on 3M cord Switched, not surge protected 640-4005347
Output = 6 x 13A UK (BS 1363) sockets Input = 13A UK (BS1363) plug on 3M cord Switched & surge protected 640-4005348
Output = 8 x 13A UK (BS 1363) sockets Input = 13A UK (BS1363) plug on 3M cord Not switched, not surge protected 640-4005349
Output = 8 x IEC (C13) sockets Input = IEC (C14) plug on 3M cord Switched, not surge protected 640-4005350
Output = 8 x IEC (C13) sockets Input = 13A UK (BS1363) plug on 3M cord Switched, not surge protected 640-4005351

Vertically Mounting Power Distribution Panels

Description Order Code
Output = 8 x 13A UK (BS1363) sockets Input = 13A UK (BS1363) plug on 3M cord Switched, not surge protected 640-4005352
Output = 8 x 13A UK (BS 1363) sockets Input = 13A UK (BS1363) plug on 3M cord Switched & surge protected 640-4005353
Output = 12 x 13A UK (BS 1363) sockets Input = 13A UK (BS1363) plug on 3M cord Switched, not surge protected 640-4005354
Output = 12 x 13A UK (BS 1363) sockets Input = 13A UK (BS1363) plug on 3M cord Switched & surge protected 640-4005355
Output = 12 x 13A UK (BS 1363) sockets Input = 16A 2P+E Ceeform plug on 3M cord 640-4005356