Commsrak & Labrak360

Commsrak and Labrak360 are two products based around a common 19” open cabling frame, designed for applications where all round access is required. Both types are available in heights of 12, 37 and 42U with a static load rating of 150kg for all sizes. They are finished in RAL 7035 grey. The verticals feature standard 19” panel mountings with a regular repeating pattern of cable management cut-outs to allow front to rear cabling. The units are supplied in flat pack form with only one type of fixing used throughout.

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Commsrak is a wall mounting version suited to the IT industry and particularly useful for cable patching. The frame is secured to the wall by four heavy duty brackets that provide a 400mm standoff between wall and 19” panel mount.

Description Order Code
12U Commsrak 52-4004615
37U Commsrak 52-4004616
42U Commsrak 52-4004617


Labrak360 is a floor-standing variant aimed at the laboratory / test environment. The minimal design of a frame with a floor standing kit provides unrestricted all-round access to the 19-inch frame, making setup, configuration and testing of the installed equipment a very easy process. The floor standing kit fits within the industry standard 600x600mm footprint and is fitted with castors (braked and un-braked) to make locating it in the required position a simple task.

Description Order Code
12U Labrak360 52-4004618
37U Labrak360 52-4004619


The following accessories are specifically designed for the Labrak360 and Commsrak, although any standard 19” accessory can ultimately be utilised.

Baying Kit – Comprising of a simple bracket and fixings used to bay two Commsraks / Labrak360s together.

Earth Kit – Comprises of 4 x leads to electrically bond the vertical and horizontal members of the Commsrak / Labrak360 together plus 1 x lead to connect to an Earth point.

19″ Cantilever Shelf – These shelves are 250mm deep, fix directly to the standard 19” panel mounts and occupy 2U of rack height. Nominal load.

Descritpion Order Code
Baying Kit 52-244931
Earth Kit 52-248075
19" Cantilever Shelf 52-4000553