19″ Accessories


Aluminium Panels

We offer a comprehensive range of panels in aluminium to suit both 19” and “half width” practices. In addition, vented panels are available to provide an inlet of air for racks and enclosures.

19″ x 3mm Aluminium Plain Panels

Half Width x 3mm Aluminium Plain Panels

19″ x 3mm Aluminium Vented Panels

Steel Panels

Steel filler panels are available in plain or vented versions and supplied in packs. They are manufactured using 1.5mm steel, painted black and include flanges to offer additional strength and rigidity.

19″ x 1.5mm Steel Flanged Plain Panels

19″ x 1.5mm Steel Flanged Vented Panels

Brushed Cable Entry Panels

Keyboard Draw

Keyboard Draw
This high quality 19” keyboard housing occupies 2U of usable height and comes complete with a lockable drop down front panel. Keyboards are secured either by screw fixing positions or velcro strips. The drawer is mounted on soft close, self closing slides with “positive stop” both in and out. The usable aperture is 45mm x 426mm.

19" Shelves

19″ Shelves
These shelves fix directly onto the standard 19” panel mounts and occupy 2U of rack space. They are available in 250mm or 400mm deep versions and have a nominal load rating of 20KG.

Feet & Castors

Supplied as a kit of 4, these light/medium duty castors have a static load rating of 65KG each and are available in braked and unbraked versions. Thread size is M10. (Note: Compatible with Imrak, Verak and Commsrak)

Adjustable Feet
For uneven surfaces, a set of 4 x adjustable feet can be used allowing a floor standing racks to be correctly aligned. Thread size is M10. (Note: Compatible with Imrak, Verak and Commsrak)