VPX Development Chassis

The VPX specification offers a whole new level of performance. However with no legacy systems around, developers needed a platform to start working from. The TecSYS offers a flexible entry-level solution, with a 5 slot 3U full mesh X4 PCI Express VITA 46.4 backplane in the versatile Diplomat enclosure. The TecSYS chassis is suitable for use in the development environment and for demonstration or target systems. Based around Verotec standard solutions, the chassis may be easily adapted for specific solutions.

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Thermal Management

Cooling is provided by two 120mm ball-bearing DC fans installed on a tray below the cardframe, drawing air from the bottom front, through the card cage and PSU, to exhaust at the top rear. A pressurised plenum ensures cooling to the main card area, the transition area and to the PSU. Effective cooling is still provided even with the top cover removed or with the rear transition area exposed.

Power Supply

The system is fitted with an auto-ranging 300W power supply with active power factor correction. The module is a pluggable type, featuring two separate converters; this allows the supply to provide 5V at 30A and 3.3V at 40A simultaneously.


Basing the design on the Diplomat enclosure ensures a high level of shielding and with the KM6-RFsubrack meeting IEEE 1101.10/11, a high level of EMC integrity is achieved. An ESD bonding point is provided on the front panel to aid in the safe insertion or extraction of boards, while a switched, fused & filtered IEC power inlet controls conducted noise to EN55022 level B.


Fitted with a 5 slot VITA 46.0 compliant backplane, configured with a VITA 46.4 Full mesh X4 PCI Express topology interconnect, removing the need for a dedicated switch.


Width : 313.84mm / 12.35”
Depth : 322.00mm / 12.7”
Height : 311.93mm / 12.3”

10.5Kg / 23.15lbs

Material & Finish
Diplomat chassis : Steel (Textured electrostatic epoxy finish) Top, bottom & side
infill covers : Light Grey BS 4800 00A01
All other parts : Mid Grey BS4800 00A05
KM6-RF Subrack : Aluminium alloy (Iridite NCP)
Front Panels, front & rear infill – Aluminium alloy (Anodised)

Operating Temperature -50C to +550C
Storage Temperature -300C to +850C

Power Supply (Typical)

Input/Output 90 – 264 VAC @ 50-60 Hz
AC Input +5V @ 30A
Output +3.3V @ 40A
+12V @ 5A
-12V @ 1A
Total output power = 300W

Ordering Information

Description Order Code
3U VPX 5 slot TecSYS Chassis 141-1111482

Customizing Options

The TecSYS modular, scalable design enables it to be used for developments based on other 3U and 6U VPX backplanes as well as other bus structures such as VMEbus, VME64x and cPCI very easily. For increased power, an additional PSU may be fitted, offering power sharing or hot-swap capability. Where the system is to be deployed away from users, a system monitor can be supplied to allow remote monitoring and control.

Additional Notes

Chassis : The choice of Diplomat is obvious, offering a robust chassis with stylish looks and featuring side carrying handles for easy transit. Tilt feet are fitted, allowing a change of viewing angle on the desktop. The top cover is easily removable – only two screws need to be loosened for access.
Subrack : The chassis is fitted with Verotec’s KM6-RF subrack offering front panel coding options to ensure correct board insertion to the appropriate slot. In addition ESD protection and pre-location features are present, along with inject/eject functionality and PCB grounding – all designed to protect the daughter boards.
Front Panel : Featuring status LED’s for each of the voltage rails and also indicates power to the fans. A reset (momentary) switch is provided below the ESD wrist strap bonding point for customer defined use. The panel is vented, with additional air also drawn from the bottom face of the chassis and the vent detail features an offset pattern, optimised to maintain EMC shielding.