A6R – 6U 19″ Rackmount ATCA Chassis

The A6R chassis is a 6U, 6 slot, 19” rack mounting ATCA shelf that is powerful and highly configurable, making it suitable for both development and deployed applications. It’s versatile and scalable design in terms of system management, cooling, power and backplane topology means it can be used for anything from a simple laboratory / test unit to a high-availability / mission critical system. The various components of the system are easily selected from a product configurator which produces a unique part number against which the item should be ordered. ATCA chassis’ are fully assembled, configured (in terms of hardware, firmware and software) and then fully tested before shipping along with a specific configuration / operating manual. Accessories include filler panels, hot-swap power supplies, fan trays & shelf managers.

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Concerning ATCA

ATCA stands for “Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture” and is defined under PICMG 3.x. It is designed to offer high bandwidths as well as improved reliability, availability and serviceability. Although originally designed for next generation “carrier” grade communications equipment, it is often considered in other markets & applications such as military, medical & scientific.


Unlike VME and CPCI, the Eurocard form factor is not adopted in ATCA; instead, cards (or “blades”) are 280mm deep and 322mm high to allow higher component counts and hence more processing power on each card. The chassis itself is referred to as a “shelf” and can be either 19” or ETSI rack mount

System Management

A big advantage ATCA has over other platforms is its system management functionality which is controlled by the shelf manager. System components such as fan trays, power supplies and power entry modules are collectively known as “Field Replaceable Units” or “FRUs”. Each FRU, Blade and Shelf Manager contain Intelligent Platform Management Controllers (IPMC) that communicate with each other through the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMC) via a redundant pair of I2C buses.


The ATCA backplane provides point to point connections (rather than a databus) for board to board communication. It is split into 3 zones; zone 1 at the bottom provides power and shelf management signals, zone 2 provides the connections to the base and fabric interfaces and zone 3 is for user defined signals and providing connectivity to the rear transition boards.

Boards (Blades)

ATCA blades can be Processors, Switches, or Carriers. Carries support both PCI Mezzanine Cards (PMC) and Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMC), the latter form the basis of the uTCA architecture. Blades are 6HP wide.


Height : 265.9mm (10.47”)
Width : 482.6mm (19”)
Depth : 423.45mm (16.67”) from 19” panel mounts to rear cable tray 42.7mm (1.68”) from 19” panel mounts to front handle

23KG (50.7lbs) (typical, 1 x power supply fitted)

Material & Finish
Outer : Steel (Powder coated in black – textured finish)
Subrack : Steel (Zinc plated)

Operating Temperature : 0deg.C to +50deg.C
Storage Temperature : -20deg.C to +80deg.C
Cooling : 300W for front boards and 35W for RTM (dependant on ambient temperature)

Power Supply
Input : 90-264VAC, 47-63Hz
Output : -48V@17A
Active PFC : 0.99
EMI filter EN55022 Class B, FCC Part 15

Ordering Information

Order Code : 260-4210 _ _ _ 5th Digit 6th Digit 7th Digit
E 6 Slot, Full Mesh 1
6 Slot, Dual Star 2
Power Supplies
One 1
Two (N+1 configuration) 2
Two (2N configuration) 3
Three (N+1 configuration) 4
Three (2N configuration) 5
Four (N+1 configuration) 6
Four (2N configuration) 7
Shelf Managers
One 1
Two 2


Description Quanitity Order Code
850W hot swap A6R power supply 1 260-4004709
64MB A6R shelf manager & controller 1 260-4004707
128MB A6R shelf manager & controller 1 260-4004708
A6R hot swap fan tray (with filter) 1 260-4004710
Filter media for A6R hot swap fan tray 1 260-4004711
A6R shelf manager filler panel 1 260-4004712
A6R power supply filler panel 1 260-4004713