VXI Front Panels and Modules

To support the VXIbus standard, a range of screened “C” and “D” size modules and front panels are available with ejector handles to aid easy extraction.

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VXI Duty Modules

This module has a relatively high screening capability, and is available in single and double widths, ‘C’ and ‘D’ sizes.The module consists of a channel section front panel, incorporating ejector handles and card mounting brackets, ventilated left and right covers and EMC sealing. Connector screening is incorporated in the side covers. The Eurocard sized PCB provides the guide rail facility for the module as required in the specification. The construction of the side covers is such that access to the PCB can be simply gained by the removal of four screws. All metal components are conductively finished and the front panel has metal inserts to ensure good electrical contact between the module and the subrack.

Description Order Code
C' Size Single – Normal Duty Module 207-203543
C' Size Double – Normal Duty Module 207-203544
D' Size Single – Normal Duty Module 207-222524

VXI Compatible Front Panel Kits

These panels are available separately from the module for situations where EMC screening of the individual pcb is not required, but it is necessary to maintain the overall subrack’s RFI screen. Available in the same variants as the VXI modules, the kits include ejector handles, mounting hardware, fixings and EMC fixings.

Description Order Code
6U x 6HP Normal Duty 207-227109
6U x 12HP Normal Duty 207-227110
9U x 6HP Normal Duty 207-227111