System Modules

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Peripheral Mounting Adapters (PMA)

Verotec’s peripheral mounting assemblies (PMAs) are designed to comply with industry standard IEC60297 (for standard eurocard applications) and IEEE1101.10, for use in VME64 Extensions and CompactPCI systems. Standard eurocard types use a 3mm anodised aluminium front panel with fixed handles whilst VME64x & CPCI types have chromated (conductive) front panels with RFI gasket and fixed handles. Both are supplied with fixing hardware.
Three types are available; the first is for vertically mounting a single standard 5.25”, front accessible peripheral such as a CD / DVD drive. The second is for mounting one standard 3.5”, front accessible peripheral (such as a floppy disk) and one standard 3.5”, embedded peripheral (such as a hard disk drive). The third is for mounting a single 2.5” embedded hard disk drive.

Air Baffle Cards

The air baffle card is designed to be used in vacant system slots to both close the front panel area and block airflow. In doing so, cooling air is diverted to active cards, thus maintaining the correct system airflow profile. The air baffle card is available with or without handles, in standard 3U and 6U Eurocard hights, depths of 160mm and 220mm and is 4HP (one slot) wide. Customers also have the choice of either an unshielded (IEC60297) version or a shielded (IEEE 1101.10) version.