LBX Case

These attractive and versatile desktop housings offer a unique range of facilities for the horizontal mounting of standard Eurocards and also bespoke electronic PCBs / components. There are 16 sizes available in two widths (3U & 6U), two depths (160mm & 220mm) and four height variations (4HP, 6HP, 12HP & 24HP).

Standard IEC-297-3 front panels may be fitted to the LBX case allowing cards and modules from subrack systems to be used in free standing applications.

Accessories include DIN connector carriers, chassis plates, card guides and front panels.

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Accessories - Front Panels

A single LBX front panel is provided with each case and additional LBX panels are available separately in a variety of sizes. The plastic corner mouldings of the LBX case can be assembled in two ways; the first option allows front panels to be “captured” securely in a groove, thus eliminating the need for fixings and producing a clean finish. The second option (achieved by turning the mouldings 180 degrees) allows for Eurocards to be fitted using standard front panel fixings.

Accessories - Connector Carriers

To aid insertion / extraction of eurocards and interconnection between cards, there is a full range of connector carriers available. Designed for the mounting of DIN 41612 style connectors, the carriers are installed between the chassis side plates in either the 160mm or 220mm position. Supplied singly.

Accessories - Chassis Plates

Zintec steel chassis plates are available for the direct mounting of power supplies, PCBs and components. Once attached to the chassis side plates, a secure sub-assembly is provided. This facilitates system assembly and testing prior to fitting the top and base panels and thus reduces the risk of paint damage. Supplied single with four fixing screws.

Accessories - Card Guides

Clip-in card guides are available for mounting Eurocard style PCBs directly to the chassis side plates. Two guides are required for each 160mm board and four guides for
each 220mm board. Supplied in packs of 20.