Verotec Case

The Verotec case offer an excellent combination of technical competence and aesthetic design, making it an ideal packaging solution for high-end electronic instruments. The superior design provides an upgrade path from a basic unit to a high-EMC, IP54 rated enclose that meets the demands of many environmental requirements. The main assembly screws are hidden discretely beneath clip-in mouldings, meaning there are no visible fixings and your product can be both secure and visually clean.
“Cases” are available in 1U, 2U, 3U & 6U heights in both 10.5” & 19” widths and in a choice of four depths. Integral panel mounts facilitate the mounting of 19” (full width) and 10.5” (half width) panels, subracks & equipment with two colour schemes and ventilation modes available. “Caseframes” are available in 3U & 6U heights in both 42HP & 84HP widths and a choice of two depths. Internal horizontal tiebars allow the direct mounting of Eurocard style PCBs, modules and front panels with two colour schemes available.

Verotec Case - 1U & 2U Cases

Verotec Case - 3U & 6U Cases

3U & 6U Verotec Case Caseframes 42HP & 84HP

Verotec Caseframes offer an excellent combination of technical competence and aesthetic design. Eurocards can be housed in a standard 84 hp or 42 hp width either 3U or 6U high and up to 500mm deep. The Verotec caseframe is ideally suited to desktop or workbench mounting. With the extruded corners, cover mouldings and tilt feet it is readily stacked for multi instrument applications. The tilt feet provide an excellent facility for viewing front panel displays and can be easily raised or lowered as required. The Verotec caseframe range is available in two widths 42 and 84 hp, two heights 3U & 6U and 300,400 & 500 mm depths offering the widest range of applications. Ventilation is provided by a matrix of holes in the base which when a rear panel is added provide a through flow of cool air. To enhance its visual appeal the case is offered in two colour options. Either as single colour Light grey RAL 7025 or Two Tone Light Grey RAL 7035 and Anthracite RAL 7016.

Verotec Case - Handles & Trims

Verotec Cases offer 5 front trim options depending upon the application they are being used for:

Option 1 – No front trims – this would be used when a Verotec plain front panel is used in Verotec case. In this application the front panel fixings are visible, but this option offers the ability to be able to quickly remove the front panel without removing the top cover of the case.

Option 2 – Front Cover Trims – These can be fitted with or without a Verotec front panel and would cover the panel fixings. The covers are made up of two extrusions which slide together and require the top cover of the case to be removed adding to security. When used with a 19inch front panel the 19 inch panel fixings remain visible for simple removal of the front panel

Option 3 – Front Cover Trims with handles – These trims offer the same features and benefits of the cover trims but with the infill trim being replaced by a handle infill. This gives the added benefit of being able easily lift the case front the front and offers protection to front mounted components.

Option 4 – Front 19 inch Cover Trims – these offer a secure solution for 19inch front panels fitted to Verotec cases. With this option the M6 fixings are covered offering a degree of security to the assembled instrument. In order to assemble the case with these trims the top cover need to be removed

Option 5 – Front 19 inch Cover trims with Handles – offering the same features as the Front 19 inch Cover Trims this option also offers the benefit being able to lift the instrument from the front and provides protection to front panel mounted componentises. With this option the M6 fixings are covered offering a degree of security to the assembled instrument. In order to assemble the case with these trims the top cover need to be removed

Verotec Case - Front & Rear Panels

Verotec Case has its own range of dedicated front and rear panels. Most cases will require a rear panel, which can be either ventilated or not. Aluminium front panels are available and allow the fitment of optional trims and handles to the front of the case.

Front Panels for the Verotec case are supplied in anodised aluminium and are designed to provide an aesthetic front finish for the case. The front panels are manufactured from 2.5mm thick aluminium sheet which is readily modified to accept switches, displays and other front panel mounting componentsThe front panel fixes to the vertical extrusions in the front corners of the case. The visual appearance of the panel can be enhanced by optionally fitting trims or handle trims over the front panel. As well as improving the appearance this also enhances the security of the case by covering the front panel fixing screws. Similar to the front of the case the rear can also be fitted with a front panel and trims which as well as enhancing the visual appearance also improve the security of the unit by hiding the panel fixings.

Rear Panels are supplied in 0.9mm zintec steel which is then painted in Light grey fine texture epoxy powder. There is the option to fit either a standard or ventilated rear panel. The ventilated rear panel version, whilst effective on its own, will serve to enhance the through flow of air in the Verotec case when used in conjunction with the ventilated version of the Verotec case

Verotec Case - EMC/IP Front & Rear Panel Sealing Kits

Verotec Case: has the ability to upgrade with EMC and IP sealing and is one of the unique features of the Verotec Case range. By fitting an EMC/IP panel to the front and rear of a Verotec Case it is then possible to add a combination of EMC seals or IP gaskets to provide up to 40dB attenuation at 1 GHz or an environmental seal to IP54.
With the Verotec case it is also possible to fit both types of seal together. This
means that a Verotec case can provide both EMC and Environmental sealing for the same application of an instrument case.

EMC/IP Front & Rear panels are required in order to upgrade a Verotec case with EMC and Environmental seals. The panels are made up of two parts. The outer panel, which is 3mm aluminium, creates a decorative finish which is anodised. The inner panel, which is 0.9mm galvanised steel is conductive and corrosion resistant. The inner panel provides the flanges to fix the EMC or IP seals allowing them to mate with the front and rear frames of the Verotec case.

EMC & IP Seal Kits are required to complete the EMC and Environmental sealing of a Verotec case. EMC kits contain all the seals need to fit into a case to enhance its screening performance. EMC kits are configured dependent upon the size of case IP gasket kits are available in two sizes one for cases of 1U & 2U and one for cases of 3U & 6U. In all cases the Verotec case will need to be disassembled to fit the seal kit and for all sizes it is possible to fit both the EMC and Environmental into the same case if so required.

Verotec Case - Accessories

Chassis Trays and Support Kits
These are sold as separate items to give the maximum flexibility when creating and internal tray within a Verotec case. Chassis tray supports are available in 4 depths each to suit the overall depth of the case they are fitted to.Chassis trays are available in a range of depths and two widths 19inch and 10.5 inch. They are intended for the mounting of discreet components which would not normally be mounted in a 19inch enclosure. If required, more than one tray can be fitted to match the depth of the case, with a space to allow cables to be passed between them.

Carry Handles
These are available to suite suit both 19 inch (Full width) and 10.5 inch (Half Width)
Verotec cases and caseframes. They will hold up to 30kg and have a push button tilt mechanism in increments of 30 degrees. This allow the Verotec case to be carried or tilted on a work surface.

Transparent Hinged Door Kits
Verotec Cases can be fitted with stylish and attractive transparent doors, which provide both security and improved aesthetics.