System Integration


Verotec designs and manufactures a number of standard "electronics packaging" components and piece parts. These range from plastic guides to front panels, from subracks to enclosures and from backplanes to thermal control boards. They form a standard range of products that can be customized and assembled together to make an integrated system. This system can be a simple "low level" mechanical assembly such as a cardframe or a complex "high level" electro-mechanical assembly such as a VME chassis. The latter may include a backplane, power supply and cooling fans.

As the manufacturer of many system building blocks, and with our in house design and engineering expertise, Verotec is ideally placed to provide our customers with solutions to system requirements. The fact that we can modify and customize parts during the manufacturing cycle gives us a competitive edge in the market, which translates into a cost saving and reduced time to market for the customer.

Integrated systems can be "standard" by nature, adopting industry standard technologies and form factors, or they may be "custom" to suit application specific requirements. Either way, Verotec has the resources available to meet your demands.

From basic cardframe assembly
... to fully
integrated systems ...
... from standard C.O.T.S chassis ...
... to bespoke custom enclosures.



We use the latest 3D modeling CAD software to convert your unique system requirements into a viable design. Your direct involvement and use of our vast library of existing system elements will significantly reduce time spent in the design cycle. Extensive use of CAD ensures that future design revisions may be achieved with minimum effort.


Commercial, electro-mechanical, environmental and regulatory system requirements, will be discussed and considered during the design review process. Such design / application requirements might include:

EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility) for radiated and conducted emissions. Specification and selection of appropriate AC-DC or DC-DC converters and power supplies Optimised cooling schemes for efficiency and safe operation of equipment Operational and non-operational requirements for shock & vibration Operational and non-operational requirements temperature and humidity Design Validation from pre-compliance testing to certification, including safety for CE marking


We understand that, at some point, many of our standard enclosure products will be modified or integrated to a higher level. To assist our customers in realizing and bringing to market a cost-effective and quality product, we can provide a range of value-added services. From a manufacturing perspective, we undertake machining, punching, drilling, turning, laser cutting, welding, forming, silk screening, dry power & wet painting, electro-plating and engraving. In terms of integration, we provide kitting, component assembly, cable harnesses, soldering, mechanical and electrical test and packaging. Some examples of standard products that have been modified / integrated are shown below.

Diplomat Case
Eurotec Caseframe
Integrated 19
inch Rackcase



When designing a system, careful consideration is given to cost in terms of component selection and easy of manufacture and assembly to ensure the most cost effective design. During the product life cycle, cost reduction exercises may be undertaken to take advantage of low cost materials and processes.

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