KM6 Subracks


KM6 Subracks

In order to meet the diverse mechanical, electrical and environmental requirements that today’s markets & applications demand, Verotec offer two distinct subrack ranges. KM6 subracks are recognised worldwide as one of the leading products in its field having evolved around a number of international standards and in response to a number of trends. Principal among these trends are increased component densities, higher speed bus systems, greater connector contact counts, a greater range of operating environments, EMC and electrical safety regulations and, of course, economic pressures. Both are designed around a number of dimensional standards that aim to provide a basic level of interchange ability between different versions and between manufactures of similar systems.


Fully compatible with DIN 41494 part 5 and IEC 60297-3, KM6-II subracks are strong, versatile and easy to assemble. All tiebars have two screw fixing positions making the construction robust yet accurate and well suited to light and medium duty applications. The range is extensive, offering 3U, 4U, 6U and 9U heights in width of 24, 42, 60 & 84HP and depths of 160, 240, 300, 360 & 420mm. KM6-II Subracks are supplied either in kit form or individual component parts and are complimented by a wide range of accessories, including EMC conversion kits, guides, front panels and plug-in modules.


The KM6-HD subrack range meets the requirements of IEEE 1101.10 & 11, which expands on IEC60297 to add functionality required for modern industrial computing applications. This includes RFI shielding, a rear transition area, front panel ESD / coding and handles with an injector / extractor operating feature. KM6-HD is therefore well suited to VME64x, CompactPCI applications, serving typical markets such as Telecoms, Medical and Instrumentation. In addition, KM6-HD would suit any rugged application where a resistance to shock and vibration is required. Built to meet MIL-STD-167, its features include positive guide retention, heavy two screw fixing tiebars, 3mm thick side plates & rack angles and a conductive finish throughout. The KM6-HD subrack accepts standard Eurocards in 3U, 6U & 9U heights and depths of up to 400mm in both the IEC 297 and IEEE1101.10 standards. They are supplied fully assembled and complimented by the standard range of KM6 accessories.

Introduction to KM6 Subracks


KM6-II Subracks


KM6 HD Subracks

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