19" Rack Cases


19" Rack Cases

19" Rack Cases are designed to offer a simple solution to many 19" mounting applications. Designed to meet the requirements of IEC 297-1 / DIN 41494, two options are available; "Configured Rackcases" - for general purpose applications & "EMC Rackcases" - for applicaions where EMC is a requirement.

Configured Rackcases

The versatile family of 19” rack cases are modular in design, enabling the units to be assembled from standard piece parts to meet the specific requirements of the application.  Available in heights of 1U to 6U, the cases are available in three depths with a choice of ventilated or unventilated top and base panels and various front and rear panels. Manufactured from 0.9mm painted steel and a 3mm aluminium front panel, the units are strong yet flexible in their design. A simple product configurator allows customers to specifiy a case with particular options for their requirement.

Veroshield EMC Cases

The Veroshield EMC Rack Case has been designed to provide a “screened” solution for rack mounting equipment in 19 inch Cabinets.The galvanised finish of the steel provides a conductive coating which is also highly resistant to corrosion and the steel construction also provides a stronger level of magnetic hysteresis when compared with designs constructed of aluminium. The top and rear panels are removable to allow easy access to the components inside. The fixings are set at a uniform pitch to provide an electrical bond and reduce the possibility of gaps between the panels. Veroshield cases are available in 1,2 and 3U heights and depths of 270 / 370mm to complement our diplomat enclosure.

Customising Service

Verotec has many years experience in the design and production of custom 19" Rack cases. Most of our standard products are easily modified in order to suit a wide range of specific applications. Be it the physical size, the finish, surface printing, special machining or assembly, we're able to help and look forward to being of service.

19in Rack Cases

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