Power Supplies


Power Supplies

The PK, VP, EC and GK family of 3U and 6U pluggable power supplies offer single, double and triple outputs with a wide choice of current ratings in the standard 19” Eurocard formfactor. All units feature the H15 DIN41612 connector with industry standard pinning.
Three ranges of AC-DC units are available.


PK Series

The 17-strong 3U PK range has 115/230VAC switchable input voltage and single, bi-volt and tri-volt outputs with power ratings from 30 to 240 Watts. The units are convection cooled, improving system reliability, and feature remote on/off and powerfail. All outputs are adjustable and have automatic short circuit protection.


VP Series

The 80 and 150 Watt VP range features autoranging AC input, active power factor correction, power sharing between different voltage outputs, convection cooling and N+1 redundancy capability and are available with or without a front panel.

EC Series

The EC low cost alternative to the PK and VP range are housed in steel cassettes and are not fitted with a front panel.

GK Series

The GK range of 30 to 120 Watt DC-DC converters is produced in 3U and 6U versions; inputs are 12, 24 or 48VDC and outputs are single, bi-volt or tri-volt.

Customising Service

Should your power requirement not fall within the standard product offering, Verotec are able to offer special designs - most of our standard products are easily modified in order to suit a wide range of specific applications. Be it the physical size, electrical specification, environmental or regulatory requirements, we're able to help and look forward to being of service.

CompactPCI Power Supplies

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