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KM6 Front Panels and Modules

Verotec offers an extensive range of front panels and plug-in units that meet the requirements of IEC 60297-3 / DIN 41494 and IEEE1101.10. A large number of accessories and full customising service ensure that the needs of both board manufacturers and subrack users alike are met.

Unshielded Front Panels

Designed to meet IEC 60297-3 / DIN 41494 and manufactured from 2.5mm aluminium sheet, the unshielded front panels are available in two versions; version 1 with anodised front and rear face and version 2 with anodised front face but chromated rear for applications where electrical conductivity is required. The range is extensive and includes blank , handled, hinged, ejector and D-Type varieties in widths of 2HP-84HP and heights of 3U-9U. Accessories include handles, idents, card mounting brackets and mounting hardware.

Shielded Front Panels

Designed to meet IEEE 1101.10 the front panels in this range are manufactured from 2.5mm thick extruded aluminium with a vertical grain and either a clear chromate finish or polyester overlay. They are fitted with a stainless steel EMC gasket and are available with or without a pre-location pin. Sizes range from 4HP to 12HP in hights of 3U and 6U. The range includes blank (filler), fixed handle and inject / eject varieties along with a number of standard accessories.

Plug-In Units

There are two main types of plug-in unit; "standard" and "enhanced". Standard types are constructed with module guide rails, incorporate anodised front panels and can be fitted with side, top & bottom screens that are available seperately. Enhanced versions use chromated front panels and an extruded side design that makes them more robust and provides a higher level of EMC screening. 

km6Customising Service

Verotec has many years experience in the design and production of custom front panels and modules. Most of our standard products are easily modified in order to suit a wide range of specific applications. Be it the physical size, the finish, surface printing, special machining or assembly, we're able to help and look forward to being of service.

KM6 Front Panels & Modules

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