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Eurotec Caseframes

The Eurotec Caseframe is designed for applications that require the mounitng / housing of Eurocard-style electronics (cards or modules) in either a 19" rackmount, desktop or portable formfactor. A step up from a standard subrack, its design requires no external housing and offers optional EMC protection along with the integration of cooling fans and power supplies in a self contained, attractive unit. Top and bottom covers are easily removed for system building and servicing requirements.

Eurotec Accessories

The use of standard subrack extrusions means that the Eurotec Caseframe can accept most accessories from our standard KM6-II subrack range, including card guides, front panels, divider kits, plug-in units, and emc screening kits. The Caseframes are also compatible with our versatile chassis system which permits the mounting of additional components – eg power supplies, mechanical assemblies and cable management. A number of specific Eurotec Caseframe accessories are also available including front trims, handles, tilt feet, fan trays and rear panels, allowing the requirements of many applications to be met with standard off-the shelf parts.

Customising Service

Verotec has many years experience in the design and production of custom Caseframes. Most of our standard products are easily modified in order to suit a wide range of specific applications. Be it the physical size, the finish, surface printing, special machining or assembly, we're able to help and look forward to being of service.


Eurotec Caseframe

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