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Thermal Solutions

With temperature becoming everymore a crucial system consideration, our range of cooling products provide the necessary thermal solutions to many requirements. The range includes standard and intelligent fan trays, fan modules, monitor boards, thermostats and ducting trays.

fanrayStandard Fantrays

Our fan trays provide forced-air cooling in a 1U x 19” aperture. With minimal rack space and replaceable fans, they are a versatile solution to cooling card cages and racks. The range is extensive, offering 3 & 6 fan variants with AC or DC operating voltage, a choice of front panel colours and filtration types. Accessories include filters, thermostats, ducting trays and slides.


Intelligent Fantrays

Intelligent fan trays are designed to form part of a rack management system and provide cooling in response to the thermal requirement of the rack. Designed as a 1U x 19" high (IEC 297-1) unit, they provide both fan speed and system monitoring functionality through external thermal sensors and local & remote alarms. The range includes 3 and 6-fan varients, single or dual Auto-ranging AC and DC operating voltages and a choice of front panel colour options.


Fan Modules

Plug in Fan modules are designed to provide cooling as an integral part of an IEC 297-3 sub-rack system. Occupying 3U x 10HP of rack space, they are available in a number of versions and include a removable, washable filter behind the front panel. The Fan module draws air through the front panel and blows to the left for cooling horizontally mounted PCBs or “hot" units such as power supplies.


Customising Service

Verotec has many years experience in the design and production of custom fantrays. Most of our standard products are easily modified in order to suit a wide range of specific applications. Be it the physical size, fan specification, environmental requirements or filtration type, we're able to help and look forward to being of service.

Thermal Solutions

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