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01/04/2014 Verotec invests heavily in IMRAK 1400, the most versatile floor

Verotec has invested in machinery and tooling to increase the customer service for the IMRAK family of 19-inch floor-standing enclosures, one of the most versatile and configurable rack ranges on the market. IMRAK’s reputation is the result of its strength, wide range of sizes, versatility, ease of use and the quality and fit of the product. Cable space behind the mounted equipment is as large as possible, giving many options for distributing power around the rack and individual cabinets in a bayed suite can be grounded together or isolated. Optional cover trims maintain the cabinet’s elegant appearance when front doors are not required and the panel mountings can be adjusted when racks are bayed together. The rigid frame is strong enough for a fully loaded rack to be laid down for shipping; alternatively the simple construction allows the cabinet to be disassembled for installations with restricted access.

On the service front, short lead times and delivery to site of a configured unit, fitted with all the accessories in the correct position, has instilled confidence in the product and its capabilities. The IMRAK offers many features designed to reduce on-site installation time and is supported by a range of accessory products, such as intelligent and conventional fan trays, which are suitable for any IEC297-2 rack; many others, such as baying kits trims, panel mountings and plinths, are product-specific. Verotec’s TecServ+ value added service enables customised cable entry panels, modified sizes and bespoke configurations to be supplied at realistic costs. Extensive stockholding supports ex-stock delivery times on standard units.


As standard, IMRAK is available in eight heights from 12U to 47U, depths of 600 and 800mm and widths of 600 and 800mm. Front and rear doors are available in plain, glass, perforated and vented versions; and can be changed from right hand to left hand hinging even when the rack is populated. Various locking options, ranging from a simple cam lock, to electronic locks are available. 5U infill and cable entry panels can be fitted at the front or rear above or below a shortened door. 19-inch panels are mounted to separate panel mounting angles that can be positioned anywhere within the depth of the rack to give infinite adjustment. Chassis trays, chassis supports, cantilever, heavy duty and sliding shelves, cable management and cable channels all add to the versatility of the IMRAK enclosure.

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