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01/05/2013 VERAK IP and VERAK EMC enclosures for installation in hostile en

 The VERAK family of IP55 sealed and EMC screened racks from Verotec is optimised for use in the industrial networking and control, broadcast and general electronics industries. Rated at 750kg static load capacity, VERAK is available in IP55, EMC and combined IP55 and EMC variants, in heights of 27, 37 and 42U in 600 x 600, 600 x 800, 800 x 600 and 800 x 800 footprints. EMC attenuation is greater than 80dB at 100MHz and 40dB at 1GHz.

The 2mm steel framework gives the units
exceptional strength and rigidity, and the
-edges that interface with the sealing
gaskets to create the IP seal are an integral
part of the verticals. The sides of the
-edges are also the faces against which
the EMC gaskets mate, enabling both IP and
EMC protection to be achieved
simultaneously. The doors can be changed
from left to right hanging without
compromising the IP or EMC sealing. Both
versions are available with steel or glass
front and rear doors, which use a four
-centre cam closure that exerts a
controlled pressure on the gaskets, thereby
avoiding over
-compression and preventing
sealing and screening performance degrad-
ing over time with repeated door openings.
Sealed and screened gland plates are avail-
able for the top and base to provide cable
access without lowering the environmental
protection or EMC performance of the
enclosure. Cables can also enter the enclo-
sure through 5U or 10U high cable entry panels above or below shortened front or rear doors.
VERAK EMC racks can be fitted with plain or ventilated top covers and bases; the ventilated covers allow forced or natural convection cooling without reducing the rack’s EMC performance. To provide forced ventilation in VERAK IP, IP55 sealed fans can be fitted to 5U panels above and below the front or rear door if required.

For further information please contact: Tim Armstrong
Verotec Limited
Unit B4

Millbrook Close
Chandlers Ford Industrial Estate Eastleigh
SO53 4BZ
tel: + 44 (0)2380 246900 fax:+ 44 (0)2380 246901 

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