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26/09/2012 Slimline high power density 3U 4HP pluggable PSUs

 Verotec has introduced new 3U 4HP versions of the EPLAX VeroPower family of 19 inch sub-rack pluggable AC/DC switched mode power supplies to add further capability to its KM6 sub-rack and metal enclosure families. At only 4HP (0.8 inches) wide and a standard 160mm deep, the new units are the slimmest available from any manufacturer, leaving the maximum possible space in the subrack for active system boards. The units are available with power rails that suit the requirements of many embedded computing applications. The complete VeroPower range consists of pluggable PSUs with power ratings from 20 to 150 Watt.

Output power levels of 20, 40 and 50 Watt are available. The 20 and 40 Watt versions have 94-253VAC autoranging inputs; the 50 Watt has a 115/230VAC switchable input. The monovolt 20W unit has single voltage rail outputs: 5V/4A; 12-15V/1.4A or 24V/0.8A. Three trivolt 40W versions provide either 5V/4A, +12-15V/0.6A and -12-15V/0.6A; +12-15V/1.4A, +12-15V/0.6A and -12-15V/0.6A or 24V/0.8A, +12-15V/1.4A and -12-15V/0.6A. The monovolt 50W unit gives 5V/10A, 12V/4.2A - 15V/3.3A or 24VV/2.1A. All versions use the industry standard H15 connector with the pin-out following the convention established by Vero Electronics when it first developed the pluggable PSU in 1976.

All outputs are highly stable, with worst case line and load regulation a maximum of 0.1% and ripple typically less than 20mVpp. Short circuit, output current limitation and output overvoltage protection are provided, and a powerfail signal is available on all 5V rails.

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