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26/08/2012 Commsrak wall mount and Labrak360 floor-standing open frame 19-i

 Open frame racks are useful when all round access is required, for example in IT applications for housing patch panels and in development labs where access for testing is important. Verotec has announced two low cost units specifically developed to serve these types of applications: the Commsrak wall mounted unit and the Labrak360 floor-standing unit.

Both types are available in heights of 12, 37 and 42U with a static load rating of 150kg for all sizes. They are finished in RAL 7035 grey; the verticals feature standard 19" panel mountings with a regular repeating pattern of cable management cut-outs to allow front to rear cabling. The units are supplied in flat pack form with only one type of fixing used throughout. Both versions use identical front frames. In Commsrak the frame is secured to the wall by four brackets that give a 400mm standoff, Labrak360 is supplied complete with a heavy-duty floor standing kit that fits within a standard 600 x 600mm footprint. The minimal design of the Labrak360, a frame with a floor standing kit, provides unrestricted all-round access to the 19-inch frame, making setup, configuration and testing of the installed equipment a very easy process. The floor standing kit is fitted with castors to make locating it in the required position a simple task. An earth kit for both designs is available as an optional accessory.

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