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11/07/2008 Versatile KM6 caseframe revitalised and updated

Verotec, the successor company to Vero Electronics and APW, has introduced new designs of KM6 caseframes, designed for applications that require the mounting / housing of Eurocard-based cards or modules in either a 19" rack mount or desktop enclosure. A step up from a standard subrack, its design requires no additional housing, and offers optional EMC protection along with the integration of cooling fans and power supplies in a self contained, attractive unit. The use of standard KM6 subrack components means that the KM6 caseframe is fully compatible with KM6-II card guides, front panels, plug-in units and other accessories. The top and bottom covers are readily removed for system building and servicing requirements. A range of accessories are available; tilt feet, carry handles, fan trays and hinged front and rear covers allow the requirements of most applications to be met with standard off-the shelf parts.

The KM6 subrack family is arguably the most comprehensive and versatile system available on the market; it conforms to DIN41494 and IEC297 and has been used in numerous projects over the last thirty years. The large number of standard elements enables highly complex units to be configured from standard components, reduces time to market and ensures that front end engineering costs are minimised. Specific variants are approved for use in high shock and vibration environments such as railway applications and other versions offer enhanced attenuation for use where EMC is a potential issue. 
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