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27/04/2009 1U cPCI/VME64x 19" low cost chassis

Verotec has announced its new 1U desktop or 19" rack mount powered and thermally managed chassis. Complete with a 250W auto-ranging ATX PSU and six separate cooling fans, the unit is fitted with either a 6U 8HP 2 Slot cPCI or a 6U 8HP 2 Slot VME64x backplane, enabling the same mechanical platform to be used for either of the two most popular bus structures. Conforming to IEEE1101.10/11, the 300mm deep unit supports 160mm front mounted boards and 80mm deep RTUs. The cPCI backplane is a 64-bit PICMG 2.0 R3.0 compliant unit with a right hand controller slot and the VME64x backplane features active on-board termination and electronic auto bus grant.

Four cooling fans push and pull air across the horizontally mounted front boards from right to left, exhausting the hot air through the side of the chassis; the fifth fan draws air from the RTU area behind the backplane. The ATX PSU is fitted with its own dedicated cooling fan.

The chassis is suitable for both development and production uses: the easily removable top cover gives good access for testing and development and the robust construction is rigid and strong. All internal surfaces feature a conductive finish and finger gaskets ensure ground continuity between all components, providing a reliable EMC environment.
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