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11/08/2009 The KM6 subrack family is suitable for all applications

Verotec's KM6 subrack family is arguably the most comprehensive and versatile system available. Originally developed by Vero Electronics, it has continually evolved over time to reflect the changing demands of the electronics industry. All four main elements of the KM6 range: KM6-II, -RF, -EC and -HD167 offer an unrivalled combination of strength, versatility and configurability; each range is optimised to suit a specific application or price point. It conforms to DIN41494, IEC297 and IEEE1101.10 and .11.

KM6-II is highly configurable. Standard units are optimised around core Eurocard sizes while the universal range gives a virtually infinite choice of tiebar recess, board depth, height and configuration. High structural strength and rigidity enables the heaviest boards and modules to be housed with complete confidence.

KM6-RF was originally developed to meet the requirements of IEEE 1101.10, specified in the cPCI and VME64 Extensions open standards. It provides enhanced levels of RFI screening, a front tiebar design optimised for injector/extractor handles, front panel coding, rear plug-up capability and many other features, the majority of which have now passed into mainstream use in numerous applications.

KM6-EC is a high volume, low cost entry-level system, suitable for general purpose applications where the versatility of the -II system is not required.

For ruggedised, railway and military applications, the heavy duty -HD167 range offers outstanding protection against shock and vibration with many innovative features that give enhanced protection to the PCBs and modules in the subrack.

A wide choice of plug-in modules and front panels, divider kits, ventilated and plain top and base covers, front and rear panels and thermal management products are available. The majority of items are compatible with all platforms; each subrack variant also has its own dedicated range of support products. 
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