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03/06/2010 Standard and custom capability for faceplates and front panels

Verotec offers an enormous choice of standard front panel options for its KM6 subracks and its 19” and Eurocard-based metal enclosures. Factory customisation services and bespoke panel fabrication with multi-colour screen printing, engraving, cut-outs, polyester overlays, viewing windows and custom finishes, plus a wide range of tooled support products such as card mounting brackets, handles, gaskets and sealing strips enable rapid modification to meet specific project requirements.

For the KM6 family, unshielded panels are available in either pre-anodised 2.5mm aluminium fitted with plastic screw mounting bushes or, where electrical conductivity is required, with an anodised front face, a chromated rear face and metal fixing bushes. 3U and 6U heights are standard and widths vary from 2HP (0.4”) to full width 84HP (16.8”). All sizes are available as plain blanking panels that are only fitted with the fixings or as kits complete with handles. Plastic or metal PCB mounting brackets are available. Screened panels, fitted with stainless steel conductive fingers to the right-hand edge, are available as flat panels with or without standard pull handles. For use in IEEE1101.10/11 systems, a range of extruded panels complete with injector/extractor handles, stainless steel conductive fingers and available with or without location, ESD and coding pins is produced in a number of popular sizes.

Various designs of ventilated and plain panels, in steel or aluminium and with optional EMC screening are available to suit the Diplomat, LBX, Verotec and Total Access Cases desktop and rack mount metal enclosures. Modular tooling enables bespoke sized panels and faceplates to be rapidly produced without excessive front-end engineering costs.
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