Precision Machining, Fabrication & Finishing


Our CNC machining centres cut Aluminium, Steel and Plastic with speed and precision. Configured with a mix of vices and vacuum clamps, they allow multiple jobs to be nested and set up times to be minimised. Sensor probes accurately measure and correct surface deviations, producing high quality results every time.


Sheet metal is cut and sorted using state of the art dynamic punching machines that are fast and versatile. With an array of innovative tooling, many secondary operations such as deburring, forming and tapping are performed by the machine, thus speeding up the manufacturing process.

Our modern press brakes use a vast library of easily-changeable tools. Automatic, 5-axis back gauges position the work piece whilst a laser measuring system ensures the form is correct first time.


Other processes to finish your product include linishing, brushing, inserting, painting and plating, screen or digital printing and engraving.