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Backplanes & Extender Boards

Verotec design, supply and integrate bus based products and systems. Our extensive standard range consists of open-architecture backplanes and extender boards for VME, VME64x, VXI, OpenVPX, VXS, CompactPCI and PXI. Many years of design knowledge and expertise in backplane technology means that, in addition to standard product, we're able to offer modified to fully custom designs to your specifications. We are also happy to support a number of legacy backplane products including
STEbus, Multibus and G64/96bus.


VMEbus Technology

Verotec offer a comprehensive range of VME backplanes from 1 to 21 slots wide in J1, J2 (3U) and J1/J2 monolithic (6U) variants. They offer excellent performance characteristics in the areas of controlled impedance, power distribution and termination design. Power options include 6.35mm Faston Blade, Mate'N' Lock connector and Busbar, Termination is passive and either on or off board whilst daisy chaining BG and IACK signals can be achieved with jump jacks or auto bus-granting connectors. Accessories include terminator modules and 3U/6U extender / test boards.

VME64 Extensions

VME64 Extensions backplanes from Verotec are available in a 6U formfactor, from 1 to 21 slots wide, and in 4 standard configurations; with or without P0 connectors and with or without a 3.3V busbar / stiffener. VME64x incorporate a 5 row, 160way DIN connector which provides extra I/O and signal lines but also backward compatibility with traditional VMEbus systems that use the 96way DIN interconnect. Termination is active, in-board whilst BG and IACK signal daisy chaining is achieved electronically. 6U Extender / test boards are available with and without the P0 connector and also with or without a PCB support frame.


The Verotec range of VXI backplanes include "C" size (6U) and "D" size (9U)
formfactors in a variety of slot widths which fully conform with the latest revision (rev.1.4) to the VXIbus specification. High-power versions are offered that include special laminated busbars and accessories include light and heavy duty screened modules. As with all our backplanes, we are able to offer semi or fully customised versions to suit unique applications.


OpenVPX is a fairly new standard only ratified in 2010. It is designed to provide a migration path for VME users looking for greater speed, bandwidth and I/O whilst preserving the traditional tried and tested VMEbus. Whilst the mechanical formfactor has remained the same, the interconnect has changed to the new Tyco Multigig connector. Although a "standard" specification (VITA 65) defines the product, the serial architecture gives rise to hundreds of possible configurations. Verotec has a number of standard backplane designs but given the custom nature of VPX applications, most backplanes are designed / manufactured to order.


VME Switched Serial, or VXS, introduces improved bandwidth, backward compatibility to VME64, and increased power delivery into the existing VMEbus technology base. It is defined under VITA 41 and further extends the life-cycle of existing board products while simultaneously offering distinct improvements to the architecture. Verotec has a number of standard backplane designs but given the custom nature of VXS applications, most backplanes are designed / manufactured to order.



Our standard range of high performance, hot swap CPCI backplanes comply with the PICMG 2.0 Rev.3 specification and are available in 3U and 6U form factors and from 2 to 16 slots wide. The generic base design allows many different product configurations to be realised, making them suitable for a wide range of end user applications. Other variations can be designed on a custom basis, giving customers the ability to specify a backplane to their exact requirements. Accessories include 3U and 6U extender cards and rear pallet bridges.

CT/H.110 & PICMG2.16

In addition to the standard PICMG 2.0 Rev.3 backplanes we also offer Computer
Telephony and Packet Switching CPCI backplanes. CT/H.110 backplanes incorporate the H.110 TDM bus on the P4 connector as defined in the PICMG CT and ECTF specification Packet Switching backplanes use the P3 connector to route Ethernet as defined in the PICMG 2.16 specification. Both backplane types are available in a number of slot widths and true 6U height and incorporate integrated power connectors for pluggable power supplies to PICMG 2.11.



PXI (CompactPCI eXtensions for Instrumentation) was developed to fulfil the requirements of users, primarily of instrumentation and automation systems who needed increased performance, reliability and functionality from compact, PC based systems. Verotec has a number of compliant products ranging from 3U to 6U and from 8 to 14 slots in width. All backplanes meet revision 2.2 of the PICMG PXI specification and can be supplied with or without external clock circuitry and rear pallet bridging.

Multibus / STEbus / G64

To provide continued support for legacy bussed systems, Verotec offer a range of backplanes and accessories for Multibus, Multibus II, STEbus, G64 & G96.


Custom Backplanes

Many years of design knowledge and expertise in backplane technology means that, in addition to our standard products, we're able to offer modified standard of fully custom designs to your specifications. Our designers work with leading standards organizations to bring to market the latest open-architecture products. Our knowledge and experience means we can meet the most demanding design specifications whilst rising to the challenges of modern day environmental issues. Verotec uses a number of software tools to aid backplane design, including Cadence Allegro, Mentor Graphics and Pads.

BackPlanes And Extender Boards

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